See 7 Minutes of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ This Very Minute!


The next phase of Star Wars adventure begins this fall with Star Wars Rebels, a new animated series set in that galaxy far, far away that will air on Disney XD. Rebels represents the first big collaboration between Lucasfilm and Disney on new Wars stories that will be carried on through into other series, comics and books, culminating in next year’s release of Star Wars Episode VII. Last night, XD played a full seven minutes of the show to get people excited about Rebels‘ October premiere, and you know what? From what you see in this clip there’s every reason to get pretty darn excited.

The clip sets up a couple of the main characters for the show, and then segues into what has to be the best speeder bike chase on film in 30 years. (Hands down!) We meet young thief with a conscience Ezra (Taylor Gray), who finds himself in the midst of Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and his small part in rebelling against the Empire. The clip also hints that maybe… Well, you’ll figure it out. Check out the clip below:

Damn. That’s good. It mixes well the look of the Clone Wars animated series and the feel of the Original Trilogy. The series will follow this ragtag group of heroes as they fight to stop the Empire in events set five years prior to Episode IV: A New Hope. Didn’t you almost get goosebumps there when Ezra sensed a disturbance in the Force, he’s like a Jedi Aladdin.

Truth be told I haven’t paid much attention to the news and clips released about Rebels so far, although I’ve had an understanding that this series was premiering soon. Well, color me intrigued enough with this preview to make the first episode (at least) appointment viewing in October. If the series proves half as inventive and adventurous as Clone Wars ended up being, then this should be a terrific treat for new and old fans alike. Heck, it might even tied us over till Episode VII, at least until the first trailer.

We’ll have more Star Wars news across all platforms as it becomes available.

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