So, apparently we’re still talking about the Eva Green ‘Sin City’ promotional poster scandal. I thought we went over this and squashed it, but Eva’s breasts are still the talk of Tinseltown and hell, they could be talking about choking puppies or something. Let’s stick with breasts! But in case you’ve been living under a Hobbit hole, here’s the deal: when dame Green showed up in a poster wearing a revealing sheer gown, the MPAA freaked out over the silhouette of her breasts, claiming too much exposure to the beauty’s “breast and dark nipple/areola circle.” So the image was doctored a little and darkened a bit – just enough to hide what makes 5 year-old boys giggle frantically. All this happened several weeks ago, but today we have more to share with you. As if Ms. Green hasn’t already shared enough…

Sin City 2 Eva Green

Up there are the comparisons between the original and “fixed” versions of the poster. Yes, the one on the right is the original. This issue is so hot again that Eva Green stopped by E! and made the geek interviewing her happier than quicksand swallowing the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

That’s the job, right there. Interviewing Eva Green about her boobs in a Where’s Waldo costume. Some guys have to dig ditches. Others pick up roadkill. Not that guy. Let’s read her quote again, shall we?

“I mean, the poster, you don’t see anything. Just wait for the movie then. It’s in 3-D as well. Enjoy yourself, you know… I’m holding a gun on the poster. No big deal about the gun, it’s all about my t*ts? And you don’t see anything, really, you just guess the shape of them.”

The best part is when she says “enjoy yourself” and he nods emphatically like “you bet your ass I will!” And so will I for that matter. I find Eva Green extremely attractive, and not in the same way I find Kate Upton attractive either. Green is an amazing actress. Just when you found yourself getting kinda bored with ‘Penny Dreadful,’ in she came during the possession scene and rifled through an actresses dream list of personalities in five minutes. Her talent is ridiculously beguiling and if she’s got the kind of bosom that makes preachers cry, then God bless her for the extra perks.

I’m not a prude and not a freak either, so I’m not in favor of the original pic over the new one or whatever. I don’t even care. But I do have strong reservations about what’s out there in front of kids’ eyes, so I identify with the regulatory agency’s actions. Do I feel like this poster was that extreme that it had to be censored? Nope. Not at all.

‘Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For’ bounces buoyantly into theaters August 22nd.

Via – E!

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