No matter how you felt about Zack Snyder’s Superman offering, Man of Steel, one thing is certain – there was A LOT of damage done to the city of Metropolis by the time all was said and done. So, when the sequel, Batman v. Superman, was announced, it was tough for audiences to see just how Metropolis would react to their new alien “protector”.  Well, the folks over at Batman on Film may have the answer.

According to BoF, Batman v. Superman will have “a very anti-Superman theme”, which will showcase protests against the Man of Steel, and at some point likely leads to a newly erected Superman statue being torn down.  Quite honestly, it was rather perplexing why a monument would be built in recognition of a man whose fight caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage, left a city in ruins, and took the life of countless innocents, all while swearing he came in peace.  Well, now we know it was only put up so that we could see it torn down by those who are not the biggest fan of Supes.  Fans of DC saw a similar theme in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, as the city of Gotham turned against their caped crusader and turned him into a man on the run, rather than celebrate him as a hero.


In addition to this tiny tidbit, BoF is also reporting that Aquaman (likely being played by Jason Mamoa) is indeed in the film, albeit in a “very small role”. At this point, most people understand that this is much less a sequel to Man of Steel than a launching point for the long-awaited Justice League movie.  This latest strategy is basically taking the Marvel movie model and turning it on its head.  Instead of getting stand-alone movies starring the members of the League who will eventually come together as a team, we are getting the team movie first, and based on the success or failure of that project, getting the stand-alones later on down the line.

Warner Brothers obviously does not want to use the Marvel movie model as-is because they would always be compared to the production house giant. We have already seen what happens when WB/DC tries to make a DC property the Marvel way (Green Lantern, I’m looking at you) and the result was less than desirable.  However, going this route is a huge gamble that may or may not pay off.

Audiences will still have to wait a bit before seeing exactly what Batman v. Superman has to offer but for better or for worse, the movie hits theaters May 6, 2016, and it is sure to make plenty of cash.  Let’s just hope that our first glimpse of the Justice League is better than the 1997 television effort.

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