The success of Guardians of the Galaxy has prompted a lot of interest in the nuts and bolts of the film, and how it was realized in such a colorful and entertaining package. To wit, Marvel is offering us a look behind the scenes in a new video featurette that’s all about The Milano. The Milano is Peter Quill’s tricked-out spacecraft that both takes you across the stars and makes you feel at home in the 80s. Named for 80s good girl icon Alyssa Milano, it’s spacious enough to travel the galaxy in comfort, but it’s also leathal enough to help bring an end to a galactic tyrant with an axe – or hammer – to grind. So let’s go with Peter Quill himself, actor Chris Pratt, and take a tour of The Milano.

Aside from the odious throwback reference to MTV’s Cribs, which is about as relevant a reference as Punk’d or The Real World in terms of MTV parodies, that video was a lot of fun. Like Serenity, or the Millennium Falcon before it, the Milano has a lot of detail that isn’t exactly shown off in the film, but it adds value to the production design and the film generally because it looks like a real place that someone like Peter Quill might live in.

What’s also cool is that a lot of the displays and screens on the Milano set are quite real and not plastic like Star Trek or green screens to be filled in later, giving the set a real sense of authenticity. It’s also nice that they built a full, and complete set for the movie rather than build a portion of it and CG the rest. I’d wager that when next we see the Milano in Guardians 2 it will feature a lot of new, little details since it’s now home to not just Star-Lord, but the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently in theaters everywhere. Read all of Nerd Bastards’ coverage of the film here.

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