Production continues and while Warner Bros and DC may have blinked in the face of Marvel Studio‘s Captain America III when it comes to a release date, they’ve certainly not stopped working toward the day when two of the world’s greatest heroes meet on the big screen. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently filming in Detroit and the following scene captured on video gives us a look at Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne in action.

Since 95% of you have already jumped to the video…

On Set Video:

Well, I’m glad to see that Bruce Wayne isn’t afraid of blowing his secret identity in the face of danger. This scene might be a flash back, actually take place during Man of Steel‘s big fight scene with General Zod or there could be a new Superman fight scene with lots more destruction. It was rumored that the citizens of Metropolis might not be very happy with the aftereffects of Superman’s heroic behavior. Yes, he’s saved us all, but did he have to destroy half the city doing it every time?

I’m hopeful that director Zack Snyder will be able to capture the comic book magic of DC’s two greatest heroes. As disappointed as I am that the film isn’t subtitled World’s Finest in tribute to the comic book series that featured stories about the two, I would like to see some of the fun from the series introduced into the movie.

Don’t you just love those old covers? These days, everyone seems so intent on swinging the pendulum as far away from those past campy and fun-filled days that all the humor inherent in the characters are drained out. Leaving us with super serious, no-nonsense, almost one-dimensional characters. I love Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy to death, but it could have used a few laughs every now and then.

The same holds true with Snyder’s Man of Steel. In fact, I would say that humor is one of the major differences between the DC and Marvel Movie Universes. Marvel embraces the humorous side of their characters while DC seems set on driving home the serious side of heroes.

Think about it, the funniest thing I remember about the Nolan Batman Trilogy, off the top of my head, is when the Joker does his pencil trick. Pretty gruesome humor there. Are they so afraid that fans will immediately link any humor to their campy Batman 60’s days? If so, then they should realize that we love that show for EXACTLY THOSE REASONS!!! Embrace your past DC, hug it out and move on.

Do you think DC takes its budding Movie Universe too seriously these days?

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