As we edge closer to the premiere dates for CW‘s The Flash and FOX‘s Gotham, the teasers, clips, and inside information will continue to ramp up the excitement for both series. Hell, they’ve already released the pilot episode for The Flash and I’m still excited to see anything The Flash related hit the Internet. This time around it’s Gotham‘s The Good and Evil and The Flash‘s My Name is...

With just over a month to go until the September 22nd premiere date for FOX’s Gotham, a new television spot The Good and Evil sets the tone for the series. One good man against the city. If he stands up, will others back his play, or drag him down?

I’ve loved executive producer and writer Bruno Heller‘s work on HBO‘s Rome. If you haven’t seen that series yet you should do whatever it takes to get your hands on the DVDs or stream it online. It started the whole “Full Frontal History” style that we’ve seen over the last decade. Rome, when boiled down, is about two common soldiers and how their actions affect the history of Rome. I can’t recommend it enough, 13!!!!!

That’s enough about my Rome fixation, you came here for Gotham. Check out the new TV spot below and let us know what you think about the series so far in the comments section below.

The Good and Evil

Which of the following Gotham stars do you think will steal the show: Ben McKenzie, Sean Pertwee, Robin Lord Taylor, Zabryna Guevara, Erin Richards, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, David Mazouz or Camren Bicondova?

My early money is on Donal Logue, have you seen his Sons of Anarchy or Vikings work? We kinda expect him to be funny with his comedic background, but he certainly knows how to bring the crazy to the small screen. My second choice is Camren Bicondova, she has an infectious personality that should win over Gotham viewers.

Now let’s move on to The Flash. We’ve got a couple of months to go until the October 7th premiere date, at least those of us that haven’t watched the already released pilot. The series is a spinoff of the popular and critically successful Arrow. This new series is expected to follow Arrow’s winning formula of embracing the DC Universe, quickly introducing characters known to comic book fans, and dropping DC Easter Eggs everywhere.

My Name is…

Does that opening kinda remind you of anything?

Arrow Season One Opening:
The biggest difference between the two series looks to be the humor factor. The Flash seems to lean more toward a humorous look at being a superhero during those times that Barry isn’t out saving his city. Not to say that The Flash won’t have its serious side. He is trying to find out who killed his mother and clear his father’s name after all, but there’s definitely more chuckles and snickers.

One burning question for me is will The Flash star Grant Gustin mimic Stephen Amell‘s social media example. I’ve got to give Amell credit for being very open in his social media interactions with fans. He obviously and admittedly runs his own Facebook and twitter pages with a style that has pleased and entertained fans, opening the series to new fans and growing the Arrow fan base. Will Gustin follow that example?

We’re living in a Comic Book world these days and all of us should relax and enjoy it. The Entertainment Powers That Be seem to be jumping on the superhero band wagon with both feet. As long as they continue to hold the quality of the shows and movies to a high standard, we’ve got a great number of super hero entertainment years to look forward to.

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