I don’t know a heck of a lot about Hank Pym/Ant-Man. But it seems like everything I do know is being shuffled around until the only source bit sustained is that a superhero shrinks small. The Wasp is a hugely important character in his life and it doesn’t look like she’ll ever see the light of film. Pym is played by an old guy when his comic book compatriots are about his age. And it looks like we’ll gloss over most Pym-ly aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and focus on his successor Scott Lang for the upcoming movie. As evidence to back that up, Director Peyton Reed, looking like the dean from ‘Community,’ told Screen Rant that a pivotal character will be featured in the film. This person IN / The Wasp OUT. And so it goes.

As many of us already know, Scott Lang is a reformed thief and electronics expert who returns to crime and steals Hank Pym’s hero suit, becoming the new Ant-Man. It’s a dick move, but he does it for his idea of the greater good. It’s a long and involved story that may be integrated into the new film’s script, but for all intents and purposes, Lang returned to crime to find a cure for his dying daughter: Cassie Lang – without whom, we’d have no movie. Here’s the video where Reed confirms Cassie’s role in the film.

In the comics, Cassie not only lives but turns out to be pretty kickass. As a teenager, she takes on the mantles of Stature (don’t like) and Giant-Girl (dislike a little less). Here’s what she looks like with growing powers while the Skrull she’s attacking puts out his own flaming power with pee.


She really needs a better name.

There’s zero chance we’ll see her approaching adulthood in the film. They will doubtlessly cast a child and they’ll probably just use her as Lang’s motivation for becoming Ant-Man. The phasing out of most things Pym is a process that I’m reading handily and seeing as a necessary evil. But my mind is boggled as to why none of these Hollywood “geniuses” couldn’t come up with a viable handling of the Pym/Wasp dynamic and still pass the torch off to Lang, all in the same movie. But hey…one family’s destruction is another one’s gain.


Source – Screen Rant

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