So the new Terminator film just got real because they’re no longer calling it Terminator: Genesis, they’re calling it Terminator: Genisys. Sure, it doesn’t matter that my spell check is telling me that this spelling of “Genesis” is incorrect, and it doesn’t matter that the production gave us no other detail about the curious spelling other than the fact that this is Terminator: Genisys now, and assume that we’re just so exciting about a new Terminator movie that we don’t care if its subtitle makes no sense in any Terminator context we know about. More on that, and a special message from the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, after this…


The change to Genisys comes at the end of principal photography. The change in vowels also comes with a special thank you message that Schwarzenegger posted to Instagram which reads:

Hasta la vista, baby. I want to thank the cast and crew of @TerminatorGenisys for a fantastic shoot. It was challenging, it was fun, and it was rewarding. From our director to the producers, from the camera team to catering, from visual effects to hair and makeup – we couldn’t have done it without you. I can’t wait to see our finished project and I know we’ll remind the fans why they fell in love with the Terminator. On July 1, 2015, I’ll be back.

Apparently, Schwarzenegger didn’t read the criticism from Terminator 3 that those old catchphrases will only get him so far, and the place they get him to is the end of 1991.

So let’s consider the meaning of “Genisys.” People online have already pointed out that it could be a combination of “genetic” and “synthesis,” perhaps implying a bio-mechanical Terminator, which is about the only direction left they can take with the robotic nemeses. Remember too that this Terminator isn’t just meant to be a continuation, but it’s also a reboot or some kind of re-imagining. So maybe part of the plot has something to do with new part-biological Terminators who are once again trying to re-write the past to seize the future. Perhaps that will be the work around to explain the older Schwarzenegger, he has biological parts that age.


But without knowing the context, changing “Genesis” to “Genisys” seems straight up silly. Perhaps this will all make sense after we see the movie next summer, or after we see a trailer and get more information, but on its own, swapping some letters around is hardly going to make fans already worried about a third attempt to continue this franchise without James Cameron any less concerned. Time will tell.

Terminator: Genesis Genisys will be in theaters everywhere on July 1, 2015.

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