There’s a child like belief built into the Internet that if you want something bad enough, make enough noise about wanting it, and get enough other people to do the same, that someone somewhere with the power to make it happen will cave in and give you what you want. Any parent can tell you how that usually works out, but this time around I am totally down with holding my breath until Deadpool gets his own movie. That didn’t work out so well. I passed out after about 3 minutes and hit my head on the edge of the coffee table. So instead, I’m going to retweet Rhett Reese‘s Deadpool Movie plea. What will that do? Let’s find out!

Rhett Reese (Zombieland, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) has written a screenplay for a Deadpool movie, but the powers that be over at FOX don’t seem to want to do anything with it. Reese seems to think that an Internet Twitter bombardment might shake things loose and get the Deadpool ball rolling again.

The Internet pretty much imploded last week when the Deadpool test footage featuring Ryan Reynolds made its way onto the Internet. Here’s a behind the scenes still:


FOX keep shutting down the video as fast as they could slap a Cease & Desist on the poster, but eventually the official HD version was released by the guys who made it.

Test Footage:

Even with all this Internet buzz and fan desire to see a Deadpool movie, many of us knew that this thing wouldn’t go much further. Now that Reese is stirring the pot, perhaps we can garner enough attention to at least get suits talking. It’s gotten 27K retweets in a day, which is great, but also kinda sad. Those kinds of numbers won’t get anyone with control of the purse strings to loosen them up. It’s gotta go into the high six or seven-figure range to make an impact.

I for one think that FOX owes us a decent Deadpool movie as a form of apology for what they did to Wade in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


So for me it’s a new Deadpool movie, or director Gavin Hood lets us line up to kick him in the Wolfman-nards until he passes out. One or the other, so Hood better get on board this retweet campaign.

Will any of this make a difference in the long run? I have to say that I don’t really think it will. I’m banking on FOX branching out the X-Men franchise after X-Men: Apocalypse with an X-Force movie, which should include Deadpool. Hopefully the Merc with a Mouth version and not Silent Bob pictured above. There is a market out there for a Deadpool movie, but until those in charge accept that the movie will do so-so at the box office, but will really make a ton of money on the back-end with DVD sales, then we’ll just have to keep waiting… and Tweeting… seriously, don’t do that hold your breath thing. My head is still hurting.

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