It’s a question that’s plagued the production of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice since it was announced over a year ago: How old is Batman going to be in the movie? Okay, that’s probably not the question, but it’s certainly been in the barrel with all the other questions waiting to be drawn, at least since the casting of Ben Affleck as an older more experienced Dark Knight. Recently, one of the film’s executive producers offered a semi-hard answer to the question, and you know the most basic fact about Affleck’s biography, then it should come as no surprise really.

This tidbit of trivia is brought to us today from EP Michael E. Uslan and via Uslan, who’s been a part of every Batman movie since Tim Burton‘s 1989 flick more than a quarter of a century ago, gave the answer to the Batman age question after a rambling preamble about how people were dumping on Affleck from the word go, and how that’s been the same old story every time someone new is cast in a comic book movie:

“We’ve been through this I don’t know how many times already. Every time a director makes a creative, out-of-the-box-thinking decision on casting, it tends to get this. I remember even the ‘Iron Man’ (2008) guys got it on Robert Downey Jr. initially. Of course, we got it intensely when another genius, Chris Nolan, chose Heath Ledger to play the Joker (in 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’). And it was a huge outcry: ‘How can a guy who just played a gay cowboy (in 2005’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’) play the Joker? You’re going to destroy the greatest villain ever, this is going to be a laugh.’ “So, this has happened time and again, and it happened with Affleck. To go back to the original thought of Bruce Wayne in his mid-40s, I think he’s going to be extraordinary.”

Uslan might be right. I have noticed significantly less Affleck-shaming and Batfleck jokes online since that photo of a beefed up Ben looking very Dark Knight Returns was released. I’ve also noticed not as many cracks about the appearance of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman since that photo of her in costume was released at Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps fandom at large is chilling about the casting, or maybe they’re playing the waiting game because it’s still nearly a year-and-a-half till the film hits theaters.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever seen the extras on the box set of the first four Batman movies, then you’ve heard Uslan give a full-throated and quite logical defense of the creative decisions in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, so take his point-of-view with a grain of salt if you wish.

As for Batman’s age, mid-40s makes sense because Affleck is 42 this Saturday, and will thus be in his mid-40s by the time Batman V. Superman comes out. So that’s a bold creative choice there, huh?

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in theaters everywhere March 25, 2016

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