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From playing the part of Thug in ‘Manimal’ in 1983, then suddenly becoming a terror icon a year later as Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund’s sharknado of success was an immediate blessing. Like many typecast actors before him, Englund’s career as the monster from A Nightmare On Elm St.locked him into horror roles ever since. Here it is 2014 and he’s got films titled ‘Death House’ and ‘Fear Clinic’ in post-production. But at least he’s working, and we haven’t seen him don the Freddy claws since 2003’s ‘Freddy Vs. Jason.’ That is, until we got wind of his latest return to the role! The dream fiend is back – but for once it’s for a greater cause beyond killing off an entire town’s population of children.

Fox32 in Chicago put Mr. Englund to air while he was in makeup, getting prepped for his triumphant revisit to Maniac Psycho Land. It was definitely a day of scares for the local channel, as the actor readied himself above the news ticker saying “Riot erupts following demonstration over shooting death of unarmed black!” Click PLAY and I guarantee you more fright than you can carve a teenager at.

A worthy cause, sir. The Midway Theater is considered widely by residents of Illinois as the “horror drive-in.” Drive-ins themselves were stalwarts in the scary movie experience and are slowly and sadly being faded out. To keep this establishment alive, Midway brings in the occasional actor to promote its awesomeness. But Englund’s not kidding about his support for the theater. Here’s a video from a year ago where he tells a sexy story about how he got off while on a date at the drive-in as actress Barbara Steele got tortured on-screen.

God Almighty, somebody save this drive-in! That “seminal” and “titillating” tale makes me want to buy a cooler car! I can’t be putting moves on a hottie in the piece of shit I’m pushing around town. First of all, there’s no radio in it. And you need to tune in the signal to hear the movie. I’d just have to distract her by talking sexy! “What did he just say?” “Whatever gurrrrl, aw yeah. You know you love it.”

I bet they’ll afford those digital projectors with all the promotion this appearance is getting. I like to think good things happen for good reasons. Props to Krueger/Englund for supporting a worthwhile cause. But the kids down the street are really get on my nerves and if he could just get back to that whole making them “disappear” thing, that’d be righteous. Let’s contact him about getting back to “work.” Place your orders at

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