Vin Diesel loves to stir the Social Media Pot when it comes to projects he wants to be involved in. He’s teased that there is a Marvel movie role for him in 2017 and fans have been wondering which Marvel franchise and character he might appear in. Over the Weekend, Diesel posted another possible hint on his 82 million plus Facebook page. Wanna see it?Here’s the post:

That is so Diesel. Just enough to get fans interested and talking. The big tease is his use of the word Inhuman. Marvel’s Kevin Fiege has already said that there’s room for Diesel in a Marvel role after Groot.

He really is a force of nature. I was always a fan. But I’ve really grown to respect him and love what he does and what he stands for. So certainly someday. Right now I’m just so happy that the Groot thing worked out and that he’s embraced it in the way that he has. But I think there are any number of places that he could fit in a live-action way.

Diesel has said that he’s had talks to be involved in a Marvel movie in 2017. Diesel laid it out in an interview with about this Groot role:

When I first got the call from Kevin Feige, he prefaced the call by saying “This is the strangest character Marvel has ever attempted.” He said “Don’t answer me now, but instead of making the fans wait until 2017, there’s something that would be a brilliant idea, we think you could be the only person who could bring the emotion to this very challenging task. Don’t answer me Vin, don’t answer me, let me send over my conceptual art.”

Around the time of that first meeting, Diesel posted that picture of himself at the Marvel offices in front of that Avengers #2 Cover Poster.


That set off an Internet explosion of speculation that Diesel would play the Vision in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, a role that we now know went to Paul Bettany. This latest tease will have everyone jumping to conclusions that one of the untitled Marvel movies scheduled for 2017 will be The Inhumans. The Inhumans have been on a lot of Marvel Movie Phase 3 speculation lists. Some consider The Inhumans to be Marvel’s way around the whole FOX rights “Mutant Issue.” If they can’t use the word Mutant or those X-Men characters, why not use another group of enhanced humans like the Inhumans?

Now many of you might be thinking that FOX also owns the rights to The Fantastic Four, and since the Inhumans first appeared in Fantastic Four #45 they must own those rights as well. When asked about linking Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch’s powers to the Terrigen Mists used by the Inhumans Kevin Fiege said:

Well, Inhumans is something that we are definitely thinking about and we think there’s great potential there for a great movie. But, no, no — we have not linked those two.

That sounds like Marvel and FOX have already worked out who has the rights to the Inhumans. Marvel certainly wouldn’t put any effort into an Inhumans movie or including Inhuman characters in another Marvel movie if is there was any question of the rights.

Which Inhuman role Diesel might play? Wait, some of you might be asking yourself at this point, “What the hell is an Inhuman?” Here’s the Inhuman breakdown from Wikipedia:

At the beginning of the Kree-Skrull War, millions of years ago in Earth time, the alien Kree established a station on the planet Uranus, a strategic position between the Kree and Skrull empires. Through their work at this station, they discovered that sentient life on nearby Earth had genetic potential invested in it by the alien Celestials. Intrigued, the Kree began to experiment on Earth’s then-primitive Homo sapiens to produce the genetically advanced Inhuman race. Their goal was apparently twofold—to investigate possible ways of circumventing their own evolutionary stagnation, and to create a powerful mutant race of soldiers for use against the Skrulls.[14] Although their experiments were successful in creating a strain of humanity with extraordinary abilities, the Kree abandoned their experiment because a genetic prophecy had predicted that the experiments would eventually lead to an anomaly who would destroy the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

Their test subjects, the Inhumans, went on to form a society of their own, which thrived in seclusion from the rest of humanity and developed advanced technology. Experiments with the mutagenic Terrigen Mist (a process known as Terrigenesis) gave them various powers, but caused lasting genetic damage and deformities. This led to a long-term selective breeding program in an attempt to mitigate the effects of these mutations.


The royal Inhuman family consists of:

Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon) – King of the Inhumans and husband to Medusa. He has a destructive hypersonic voice that is so loud, he actually remains silent and has undergone rigorous mental training to prevent himself from uttering a sound, even in sleep. The fork-like antenna on Black Bolt’s forehead allows more controlled use of his voice.

Medusa (Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon) – Wife of her cousin Black Bolt and Queen of the Inhumans. She is also a former member of the Fantastic Four and the Frightful Four, as well as the mother of Ahura and older sister of Crystal. She has prehensile hair.

Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff) – Medusa’s sister and ex-wife of Quicksilver. She can manipulate Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Gorgon – Cousin of Medusa and Black Bolt. He has bull-like legs in place of his actual legs that can create intense shockwaves that would be equal to an earthquake.

Karnak – Cousin of Black Bolt. He is also a priest and philosopher and chose not to expose himself to the Terrigen Mists. But he does have the ability to sense an opponent’s weak points and is good at martial arts.

Triton – Karnak’s fish-like brother.

Lockjaw – A large bulldog who serves as a transporter for the Royal Family.

Maximus Boltagon – Also known as Maximus the Mad. He is the brother of Black Bolt and tries to overthrow him from time to time. He has the ability of mind-control.

The Unspoken – Cousin of Black Bolt. He was once the king of the Inhumans until the rest of the Royal Family rose up against his power-hungry ways. Black Bolt defeated and banished him, decreeing that his actions would be removed from the history books, and his name never be uttered again, causing him to be referred to as “The Unspoken”. The Terrigen Mists gave him the power of “Terrigenesis,” the ability to alter his body into any form he wished.

Ahura Boltagon – Son of Medusa and Black Bolt. He has psychic abilities.

Luna Maximoff – Daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal. Born human, but was later mutated by the Terrigen Crystal by her father.

There are a lot of Inhuman connections with the Kree, which Ronin, the bad guy in The Guardians of the Galaxy was a member of. Let’s get back to which of these main Inhumans roles that Diesel might play? Blackbolt would be most people’s choice. Blackbolt doesn’t talk, if he does if releases incredible power that could level cities. Triton or Karnak would be good physical roles for Diesel, both are fighters with interesting powers.

I don’t think Diesel is big enough to play Gorgon, that role will go to another wrestler type actor. I’d love Diesel to play the bad guy in the family, Maximus Blotagon, but I imagine, if there is an Inhuman movie, that role would go to a Benedict Cumberbatch style actor.

The role that would continue Diesel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Groot role would be LockJaw. There was a great LockJaw story in The Thing issuse #3 that blew me away when I read it, but got retconned in X-Factor #71 by Peter David a few years later. It made me want to, if I ever met him, buy him a beer for his Hulk work and then punch him in the face for the LockJaw thing.



Would Marvel and Diesel dare to put Diesel in another way out there motion capture role? I don’t think Diesel would go for it, but I love throwing that idea out there for the universe to ponder.

What do you think? Is this tease a point towards the Inhumans? Which role do you want Diesel to take on next?

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