MODOK In Captain America 3? Yes, Please.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier enjoyed a very successful run at the box office, and for good reason.  The Marvel Studios movie was a very well written espionage flick that just happened to have a superhero or two at the center of the plot. More importantly, the movie was a game changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that revealed that absolutely no one could be trusted.  SFX Magazine recently sat with the screenwriters of the hit sequel to find out where the series might go from here.  If they get their wishes, there will be plenty of Marvel fans who will love the next Captain America entry.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley, the Winter Soldier screenwriters, have picked up comic book writer Ed Brubaker’s successful run and used it almost as a basic blueprint of what the world of Captain America should look like on screen.

 “When we hit upon the Brubaker run of the comic book, we all said that, with certain exceptions,that’s the tone of Cap’s modern franchise. And you can imagine that with us back, with the Russos back, then if you like Winter Soldier you’ll hopefully like the third one, if we do it right!”

The writers go on to say that they would love to have MODOK in the next movie, if they can find a way to fit in a giant floating head in a logical way.  According to Markus:

“I don’t know if there’s anybody that we had in the wings that we couldn’t pull off. There are people that I’m always wanting to bring in. I want to put Modok into something, but you can’t just drop a giant floating head in! It’s not like “Oh, we have to go talk to this guy – there’s something I should tell you about him first… Suddenly the whole movie needs to take on that structure in order to accommodate him. I never win that fight!


For those who may not know the character, MODOK (Mental/Mobile/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) is a supervillain who started out as a technician for Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) which has already been introduced in the MCU. Scientists experimented on him so he could become a super computer but, instead, he became a killing machine and has often battled Cap in the comics.

Even with the Super Soldier Serum aspect, the Captain America movies have tended to be a bit more grounded in reality than the other Marvel movies.  Even the Arnim Zola appearance in Winter Soldier was explained by believable science and the writers steered clear of transforming Zola into the character that terrorizes Cap on the page.  That being said, fans would love to see MODOK and are certain to get excited for any appearance the filmmakers could work in.

When talking Captain America, it’s hard to ignore the new storyline, which has Sam Wilson (played by Anthony Mackie in Winter Soldier) picking up the star-spangled shield while Steve Rogers steps down.  How will this shake up in the comic world affect the future of the Captain America movies? According to McFeely

“We tend to stay on the sidelines when it comes to the comics. We wait and see what we’ll steal from in three or four years from now!”

Markus adds:

“I think the movies can accommodate almost anything, if there’s a need. I think there is a much greater need to shake things up in the comics because that’s a narrative that’s been going on for 60 or 70 years, so you’re going to wind up having to do things to it. Ours has only been off the ground for five or so. So it’s not quite time to start changing things up yet. Plus I can’t figure out how he’s going to have the wings and the shield at the same time. Isn’t it going to get all crammed up on the wing? I don’t know… When those things happen in the comics you also have a tendency, perhaps cynically, to go “Yeah, but he’s going to be Steve Rogers in two months…” He’s going to wake up out of cryo-stasis or whatever it is and it’s going to be like “Oh, I need the shield back.”


Comic book readers can definitely back up that mentality and it is easy to see why the filmmakers aren’t taking the change as gospel quite yet.  If they do continue with Brubaker’s run, fans know that there is a different man in the wings who will be ready to pick up that shield when the time comes.

We won’t see exactly what the next movie has in store until May 6, 2016 (where it will enjoy a Warner Bros. free weekend), but Captain America: Winter Soldier hits dvd and blu-ray on September 9 and digital download on August 19.  If you just can’t wait, you could always take a look at these deleted scenes. It may not completely quench your thirst for Cap but it may be enough to get you by until you can own his latest cinematic adventure.

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