The Jedi beard is a proud tradition, one that Luke Skywalker never really got a chance to take part in because his schtick was that he was the new boy fresh of the farm and ready to rock and roll. But if you’re an older, more mature Jedi, it’s practically expected that you grow a dignified, but manly, Jedi beard, and now that Luke is a little more mature, he’s got the facial hair to prove his status as an honored elder in the new Jedi Order. And so does Luke’s portrayer Mark Hamill.

Courtesy of Mark Hamill’s Instagram feed:

I will say that’s quite a makeover for Hamill, he certainly looks fit, and he certainly looks ready to show you punks just how one with the Force he really is there. The plot details of Star Wars Episode VII and the circumstances of Hamill’s character Luke remain unrevealed, although a rumor has circled that the plot will concern the search for Luke Skywalker, who disappeared some time immediately after the Battle of Endor and has lived in seclusion for the 30 years since. Again, that’s just a rumor, and although Hamill in this picture looks kind of grizzled, it’s a very well-coiffed kind of grizzled. So either Luke’s been in seclusion at a barbershop, or the rumor is just a rumor.

As a note of trivia, the figurine that Hamill is posing with is Lava Bear, a figure who’s featured in pictures taken around the world by Hamill’s son Nathan. So no, that is not some new kind of droid or Luke’s imaginary friend who will be introduced in Episode VII.

In other news, the cast and crew of Star Wars are gearing up to start shooting again after an unexpected two week hiatus to deal with the on-set foot injury suffered by Harrison Ford. Star Wars Episode VII will be in theaters everywhere just in time for the 2015 holiday season. In the meantime, enjoy the following photo gallery of famous Jedi beards:





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