‘Godzilla 2’ to be Unleashed in Summer 2018


Looking back on the summer of 2014, Godzilla was indeed one of the success stories, but it’s debatable as to whether it was the big hit the studio wanted it to be. At the same time, there’s also a question as to whether or not the style and tone brought to the production by director Gareth Edwards outweighed the weaker story and character elements, and whether or not those two desperate aspects might be balanced for the sequel. Well, what ever may come in the franchise, we know one thing for certain: the date that Godzilla 2 will be released. And when will that be? Read on.

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have set a date of June 8, 2018 for the monster sequel to hit theaters everywhere. What else is scheduled for that summer? Well, right now Godzilla 2 is sandwiched between an unnamed Warner animation film and a yet-to-be-identified Pixar movie. The rest of the summer of ’18 is right now made up of other untitled movies including new films from Marvel Studios, Dreamworks Animation, and a DC Comics-based movies from Warner Bros. So congratulations to Godzilla 2 for being the first movie of the summer of 2018 that we have some idea of its contents.

Speaking of content, what is Godzilla 2 about? Well, like they did in 2012, Legendary brought a sizzle reel to San Diego Comic Con a couple of weeks ago, hoping to get the same kind of buzz going that Godzilla received a few years before its release. This was the /Film description of the footage:

The black and white video was filled with footage of destruction from around the world with a voice over from John F Kennedy. Text on the screen reads: “There is still one secret that remains hidden… There are others.”

Yes, the pteranodon Rodan, the moth-like Mothra and the three-headed Ghidorah are looking to be all in the mix for the next Godzilla film. Presumably, the new film will follow a similar plot as Edwards’ first movie, with the monsters rain destruction on the globe and only Godzilla, with the possible assistance of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, saving us from their wrath.

The confirmation of a release date for Godzilla 2 also promises some job security for Edwards, who will be taking a detour to a galaxy far, far away and the first Star Wars spin-off film, before returning to Earth and allowing all monsters to destroy again in the next Godzilla. Sounds like it’s going to be a very busy, but very fun couple of years for the former indie filmmaker and visual effects artist.

Once again, Godzilla 2 comes out June 8, 2018. And we’ll have more news about the project as it develops.

Source: /Film

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