Go Go Power Rangers!  This is the rally cry of fans that fell in love with Saban’s television series about a group of teenagers who could “morph” into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, thanks to some alien technology, and piloted Voltron-like Jaegers back in the early 90’s.  Just like pretty much everything else that invokes a bit of nostalgia, it was recently announced that MMPR would be getting a big screen reboot.  Well, fans now know when they will be able to see their favorite Rangers back on the silver screen.

Lionsgate announced via Twitter when the new team will be released upon the world:

That’s right, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be hitting theaters on July 22, 2016, during the prime summer release period that studios generally count on to jumpstart a franchise.  In this instance, Power Rangers comes a week after the next Bourne film (7/15/16) and a week before the next Planet of the Apes film (7/29/16).  In short, nostalgia will be competing against established franchises for that box office gold.  It’s a gamble but one that Lionsgate is definitely hoping pays off.

The Power Rangers have gone through many changes since their introduction in the early 90’s.  The show itself moved from MMPR to Power Rangers: ZEO, to Power Rangers: Turbo, and numerous variations after that. Team members have come and gone, and some have returned to come and go again (fan favorite Jason David Frank, for instance, was in several incarnations of the series over the years).  The first attempt to bring the franchise to the big screen back in 1995 was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.  Most fans would agree that those initial episodes that introduced them to the world of the Power Rangers are the best of the bunch and it will be interesting to see how Lionsgate handles the property.


The summer of 2016 will be jam packed with films that have movie lovers chomping at the bit, including Captain America 3, Finding Dory, and Independence Day 2, to name just a few, and a good majority of those films will be sequels in beloved franchises.  There is no doubt that a new Power Rangers movie will bring in fans of the show with a taste for nostalgia but the studio will definitely have to bring something special in order to rope in a new audience.  One thing is for sure – they will have to up the ante when it comes to the soundtrack.  It’ll be pretty tough to top the bubblegum pop beats of the original soundtrack’s “We’re in Trouble”.

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