Jason Momoa is Tired of Hearing About Aquaman


As someone who’s a part of Hollywood, Jason Momoa obviously has some thoughts on the industry. It also seems he’s not terribly afraid of voicing his discontent, especially when it comes to his as yet unconfirmed role as Aquaman vastly overshadowing his recent film Road to Paloma. Momoa not only starred in Road to Paloma, but directed it as well, obviously making it more of a personal investment than his rumored role as Aquaman. But fans just don’t seem to care all that much, which is what prompted him to take to Instagram and post the below picture: 

Road to Paloma was released earlier in the year by WWE Films, who apparently make movies that don’t involve John Cena punching people. Even though it’s the story of a biker who seeks to avenge his mother’s death, the film is less action oriented and instead focuses on the ties of family and the loneliness of the open road. Admittedly, it sounds interesting.

This isn’t the first time that Momoa has been less than enamored with a superhero role, reportedly turning down the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy because he didn’t feel it would push him as an actor. While the coverage of these big films severely overshadow his passion projects like Road to Paloma, they also give him the time, credit, and presumably money to pursue such projects and pour his heart and soul into them. It’s a double-edged sword really. He’s probably a bit fed up with all the press that goes into the big movies while his real projects are overshadowed, so he takes to social media.

It’s often easy to forget that the guy who is supposed to be playing Aquaman is also a person who has passion projects and hobbies. He has a real life and certain roles aren’t the entirety of his life. And if people only wanted to talk about a role that you yourself weren’t entirely interested in instead of a project that you took great pride in, it’d probably get pretty annoying.

With that in mind, take a look at the below trailer for Road to Paloma. It actually looks pretty interesting. It’s currently available on Blu-Ray or various streaming services of your choice. Maybe it’ll be enough to tide you over until Momoa puts on Aquaman’s swim trunks and is in movie theaters everywhere in a year and a half.

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