Hot on the heels of the leaked Stormtrooper helmets it looks like Indie Revolver has gotten their hands on some Han Solo concept art for J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Episode VII. Where they are getting these bits and pieces and how quickly Abrams and Disney might track down the source and close that leak are unclear. Enjoy them while you can!

A quick side note before we get to the concept art. It just occurred to me that we’re getting Star Wars characters that we can cosplay as we age. Not that anyone should not cosplay a younger character than their age, just that now we can cosplay some of our favorite Star Wars characters as we get older, changing that cosplay to match our ages.

Let’s start out with Han Solo’s new everyday wear:


We can’t see them in this conceptual piece you can bet that the Second Class Corellian Blood stripes that Han earned will be on the sides of those pants. That’s one detail Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams won’t let slide. The duster is a nice touch, instead of the shorter vest and jacket. He certainly looks like he is ready to misbehave.

Next up is the Hoth or snow planet version:


Not much change from the original suit he wore on Hoth:


What do you think? I’m hoping we’ll get some official concept art soon for the other characters. It might be that these were leaked because they really aren’t a major change to the characters style. Perhaps Abrams is allowing these minor changes to get out first, so any major changes won’t seem so drastic. Then again, Luke and Leia should be the most changed of the characters as their Jedi powers developed over  the years.

Which character concept art do you hope leaks next?

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