One cannot simply talk about Captain America and not feel compelled to sing the “America, F**k Yeah!” song. So there, I said it. In today’s case, talking about Hot Toys Captain America Golden Age 1/6th Scale Figure, I’d replace “America” with “Hot Toys”. But, that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way. That, and Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based company… so, umm, yeah. However, they’re products are sold in America and the sentiment of self pride and righteous awesomeness remains the same.

Hot Toys designs and develops highly detailed Sixth Scale collectibles featuring actual likenesses of film based characters for distributors like Sideshow Collectibles. It’s a challenge finding a selection of words that pay tribute to Hot Toys mastery in artistry, as their finesse is unbound. A search on for the word “stunning” and every synonym would apply. The same can be said for Sideshow, who too manufactures high end articulated figures (as well as busts, statues, prop replicas and more). In addition to designing and manufacturing their own products, Sideshow distributes unique offerings from notable pop culture and figure companies like Hot Toys. But I digress…

Sideshow Collectibles has been gracious enough to send Nerd Bastards a Hot Toys Captain America Golden Age 1/6th scale figure from the critically acclaimed Marvel film Captain America: The Winter Solider. While my review could be summarized in two words, “F**k Yeah”, to truly appreciate the craftsmanship and value in quality, an up-close examination is necessary. Or, you can just look at the pretty pictures.  

So, “Golden Age”, what does that mean? Between Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers movie, Steve Rogers has had his share of costume changes as the Sentinel of Liberty and Hot Toys has seen to it to release every permutation as a 1/6 scale collectible figure. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap is featured wearing two suits throughout the film. The first being a bland, stark blue, Agent of Shield uniform which he later tosses because of the whole “Hail Hydra” thing (I assume you’ve seen the movie). Little more than halfway through the picture, Cap stops by a museum and dons a throwback to his Patriotic 1940s attire (as seen in the First Avenger, though slightly different) that was on display. In other words “Golden Age” means back to a time when everything was better. A time where a “coke was still Cola and a joint was a bad place to be”. Alright, got it now? Good.


While it may look like the Hot Toys Captain America Golden Age sixth scale figure is the exact same as The First Avenger figure, they are actually very slightly different from one and other. It features a brand new helmeted head sculpt, newly developed body, newly tailored costume made with new materials, and a specially made metal circular Captain America shield with a distressed effect.

Starting with packaging (for obvious reasons), it’s a standard shoebox style. The box art features a graphically rendered profile of Cap standing stoically on a blue star spangled background, with the Captain America: The Winder Soldier (Does anyone else have a hard time spelling “Soldier” or is it just me? Thank Jeebus it’s spelled right on the box) logo beneath. It’s acceptable enough. However, I did notice the direction of pin stripes on Cap’s threads are depicted horizontally when on the figure they are vertical. Is it an issue – false advertising? *scoffs* not really. I will say, I much prefer the graphic insert inside the box, which is a strikingly posed and well captured actual image of the figure. The insert graphic seems more befitting for packaging art. But oh well, it’s just a box.

I’ll say this time and time again, Sideshow and Hot Toys make packages with collectors and resellers in mind. No twist ties, tape or other obstructions that would otherwise have you tear to shreds before being able to release your piece. The figure and it’s accessories – extra hands and shield – are compartmentalized. You can easily add/remove figure and accessories should you need to store or resell.

First impressions of the figure will leave you breathless. Here you have a wee little Chris Evans as Captain America literally identical to the movie. The detail is astonishing.


While we only get one head sculpt this time, which is a downer. An unmasked Chris Evans as Steve Rogers would have tipped the scale on overall impression of this figure.


The masked version is very realistic, and the attached and sculpted mask looks fantastic. The eyes are eerily human-like. There are speckles, freckles, blemishes, pores (Yes. It is somebody’s job to paint Chris Evans’ pores), wrinkles and tones on the face that can be barely be scene unless they were examined closely under amazing light or captured with a good camera. That’s not a negative. These fine details are what make up the life-like face. To sell you on just how realistic Hot Toys captured Chris Evans likeness, here’s a funny story. I showed a relative the above photo and she said “who’s that, he’s handsome”, having no idea she was swooning over a toy.

Attention to detail doesn’t stop with the face. From top to bottom, helmet to boots, the entire ensemble is absolutely screen 9021821-product-silo2accurate. The fabric tunic and pants are ladened with belts, straps, suspenders, buckles, textured shoulder pads, studded star emblems, rivets, pads, zipper, decorative stitching and pin stripes. The intricacies are practically countless. It’s unfathomable how someone could tailor such fine work on a 13 inch figure.

This detail even extends to the accessorized Shield, which is made of actual metal (aluminum I think). The paint scheme is the classic red and blue and features a battle worn distressed effect. Anything battle damaged instantly ups the cool factor. The inside of the shield has unnecessary but completely welcome fine points of detail. Rivets, straps and metal fasteners. There’s even real working clasps to open and close the arm straps.

The figure has 30 points of articulation, which provides many options for displaying and posing the figure. The costume is so screen accurate, however, that you can sympathize with how uncomfortable Chris Evans must have been in it. Particularly in his range of motion in the shoulders. With how layered and stiff the fabric is in the shoulder and chest area, moving the figures arms straight above his head is not an option. So body slamming the Red Skull or a Chitauri solider is out of the question.

I am a a little disappointed at the lack of accessories on this piece. Where as Hot Toys’ Captain America figure from The Avengers comes with a Chitauri blaster, two Shields, two head sculpts (masked and unmasked), removable fabric hood and 9 extra hands. This Captain America Golden Age sixth scale figure comes with extra hands (9 as well) and Shield only.

However, out of all the iterations of Caps costumes, The Golden Age costume stands out as the best. It captures the iconic look of Captain America in the comics, whilst having real-world functional military attire. When you think of any film version of Captain America, this what should come to mind.

Don’t feel like liberating your wallet the $209.00 price point? Don’t let that number scare you off, though, you can always go for Sideshows affordable $60.00 a month payment plan.


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