Ok, so who remembers the teen movie entitled ‘Not Another Teen Movie? I don’t because I don’t watch corny stuff. But let’s imagine that somebody wanted to build off the fad of those parody movies and pitched ‘Not Another High School Show‘ for television. It was developed in 2007 and a pilot was shot for Comedy Central but it wasn’t picked up. The show was allegedly supposed to include individual sketches, an example of which somebody found in a trashcan and put on YouTube. It’s called ‘Muffy The Vampire Slayer’ and holy cats are you in for it. Not to dissect it too deeply before you’ve watched the clip, but let’s just say that it starred Alison Brie in the title role. Oh, and Jennifer Lawrence pops in for a few seconds too. Wait a minute, this sounds awesome…

But it’s not! It’s horrible! Shall we dissect it now?

– She’s Muffy Rabinowitz instead of Muffy Summers, not taking the last name from the popular and good TV/movie character Buffy.

– “I stab the bastard,” homages the parody genius (and good) ‘The Naked Gun’ series. (I shoot the bastard)

– Did she think an afro of vaginal hair just snapped itself off from her and died on the desk?? Terrible attempt at ‘Scary Movie’ toilet humor!

– exactly :38 seconds in is why I’m five years old.

– Sexy girls marveling at a purple dildo with a smiley face on it is why the writers of this show are five.

“…aimlessly wandering through the hallways…” – the one good line in the whole clip.

– The old guy who should be Malcom McDowell sends Muffy on a mission to kill a teenage werewolf and she goes right after the fully adult janitor.

– Jennifer Lawrence shows up looking unacceptably hot for a young girl and now I feel creepy.

– When Muffy totally misses Teen Wolf doing a keg stand (better than a keg flip, eh Troy? <—get it?) I finally get the joke: she sucks at her job. Took almost the entire length of the clip for me to understand the theme. A good show would’ve established that already.

– Not a vampire to be seen in ‘Muffy The Vampire Killer.’

Back in 2000 or so, I wrote, directed and edited the worst short film nobody ever saw. And it’s better than this piece of crap, tell ya that. I’ll watch Alison Brie do just about anything because I adore her, and Jennifer Lawrence skyrocketed quickly onto my ‘Epic Crushes’ Pinterest page. But when it comes to watching this show, just call me Meatloaf. I’d do anything for love…but I won’t do that.

Incidentally, here’s a video of her freestyle rapping ‘Imma Die By Werewolf’ in a ‘Community’ outtake. Makes sense really, since she has no idea how to spot one.

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