With all the news of several guards being changed in and out, I halfway kinda thought this movie wasn’t gonna ever shoot. For the sake of beating the old “information dead horse,” let’s recap: 1. Director Edgar Wright had a baby named ‘Ant-Man’ and Marvel took the baby and gave it to Peyton Reed. 2. Cast members dubiously left the production and people were telling different reasons why. 3. The original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne wass reported DBO (dead before arrival). 4. Out with the old writers and in with the new. Yet despite my well-documented ability to count to four, all heads of the cast and crew have giving smiling interviews and appeared here and there with optimistic spirits. Looks like Reed’s A-Team is primed and ready, and he loves it when a plan comes together.

When Marvel and Wright broke up right in front of us, we all kind of freaked out and flamed the comics giant, siding with the fan favorite director. It was said to be a parting over “creative differences,” until the real deal came out: Marvel wanted him to direct their movie, not his. Not entertaining the idea of compromising his vision, Wright bowed out like a true artist with enough money in his pocket to refuse work. In strolls Peyton Reed, of ‘The Break Up’ and ‘Bring It On’ fame. Apparently, he has no problem making Marvel’s movie because the big production was announced today via a small tweet.

antPeyton Reed gotta eat! He and I are alike that way. I’ll sell out for millions like it’s nothing. I will write a script about kids discovering a magical baseball field and direct the war movie Hollywood would eventually turn it into. All the while eating steak and lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m not saying Reed is selling out, because after all, this movie was never his baby to be stolen. I understand Reed as much as I get Wright. The Fox and the Hound both have compelling points of view. I’m just saying that they could’ve hired me to do ‘Ant-Man’ real quick because Kool-Aid is delicious.

Like I said, the only things reporting ugliness during pre-production was the media. Everybody involved have been excited and gung ho for this thing and that’s just how I like my cast and crew. And Marvel makes pretty good to amazing films. ‘Ant-Man’s’ gonna rock as of 8:06 AM this morning. Or it’ll just be pretty good.

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