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ABOVE: Even if you’re not into the Arkham City video game, this may very well be the Batman figure you’ve been waiting for. With 2 interchangeable faces, plenty of accessories, and an incredibly detailed costume, it’s VERY impressive. [SideshowCollectibles]


Vern Troyer (aka Mini-Me) ended Shark Week with this absolutely perfect shark cosplay. I know it’s wrong to call a grown man precious, but seriously. [FashionablyGeek]


Fun with Kirk and Spock book. I haven’t read the book but I imagined it is filled with stories like “Kirk and Spock went up the hill to fetch a pail of dilithium…Kirk fell down and rolled around and Spock said that’s illogical”.  Kirk and Spock is the The See Spot Run for your nerdy youngster[ThinkGeek]


Stan Lee practically gets all the credit in creating the endless list of characters in the Marvel universe and beyond. Lee was certainly the mouth of everything, however, it was artist Jack Kirby that brought life to the characters in his art.  To celebrate the late artist’s birthday, Shmaltz Brewery is teaming up with Hero Initiative to raise funds for the non-profit organization. Shmaltz came up with limited edition beers called King Kirby with labels featuring Kirby’s image. Paul Harding provided the art. [That’sNerdalicious]


Lady Deadpool from Betty Nukem. Cosplay, the only hobby where you can wear your pleather gimp suit in public and get away with it. [GAS]

Dante’s Redemption – official fan fiction short. I only remember the 2010 game Dante’s Inferno for the mistress of death who had demon babies crawl out of her nipples (it’s a weird game) but this fan film carries on the games story and makes one crave more adventures through hell.  [Kotaku]

Inconceivable! YouTuber Phillip Raupach did a brilliant job taking lines from The Princess Bride out of context and turning them into a creepy horror flick. Does anyone have a peanut? Seriously, peanuts comfort me when I’m scarred. [TheAwesomer]

LEGO stop motion animation of The Walking Dead Season Five Trailer. Now here’s a LEGO video game I would buy.  [NerdApproved]





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