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ABOVE: Now let’s see who Godzilla really is… what? BATMAN!? Get more action figure hijinks over at [Nerd Approved]


That didn’t take long! Already a cosplay of Batgirl’s new look debuted at Tampa Bay Comic Con. Capture by EPBOT. [Fashionably Geek]

venn diagram

Yup, that pretty much sums it up. [Dorkly]


Not sure if you heard, but basically, Bubbleline is canon. At least it was in the pre-television Adventure Time world, according to Marceline actress Olivia Olson who said creator Pendleton Ward confirmed they once dated. Fanart by dCTb.


Because Hulk need more science. Stanford biologist, Sebastian Alvarado, explains how Bruce Banner hulks out. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Michael Bay has a certain style, defined by one major element: EXPLOSIONS. Check out MrStratman7’s trailer where Pixar’s Up is re-imagined as a Bay masterpiece. [Kotaku]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has likely been flooding your social timelines over a variety of networks. Sure, it’s for a great cause, but seeing your great aunt dump a bucket of ice water on herself is only mildly amusing. But superstars Tom Hiddelston and John Barrowman? This you’ve gotta see!

Hiddleston had been challenged by Nathan Fillion, and Barrowman by Arrow co-star Stephen Amell. [Nerd Approved]


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