In the spirit of foreshadowing famous events with tales of history, ‘Gotham’ is a series that aims to tell new stories with old characters. Before Bruce Wayne was Batman, his stomping grounds preceded them both. And with our familiar hero in short pants, the tales yet to come have their work cut out for them. Can this show possibly be as compelling as the as the future spawned from its depiction? Absolutely not. Batman is awesome for a dozen reasons and this series will never catch that shooting star. We all know that and accept it and may enjoy the show thanks to the magic of lowered expectations. With that, Fox continues to beguile us with surprisingly effective trailers. The newest comes to us in the form of a preview for fans in the United Kingdom. Clickity click, you magnificent bat-stards!

I like it, especially digging the tense, dramatic accompaniment. Really appreciating the little behind-the-scenes voice over in the beginning. I felt like some of the city shots put me too much in the mind of New York (possibly because I’m from there) yet the interiors were classically Gotham City. Being stuck there must be an entirely sunless life, which is a key element in constructing that hood’s downer feel. The opening shot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges took me out of the setting immediately. We can’t be in NY, we have to be in GC. Major fail that didn’t HAVE to happen.

Gotta hand it to little Bruce after his parents get shot. He really conveyed the much needed emotion that shows us the exact moment where he snaps. Because come on…Batman’s kinda crazy, no matter how brilliant he is. He’s a heroic sociopath and this scene is what turned him. Great work, kid. I bet nobody hates the theater more than Bruce Wayne. Maybe Abe Lincoln’s ghost.

Completely sold on Selina Kyle so far. Lurking in shadows, dropping eaves, creeping me out. She’s obviously a bit nuts herself. Then Oswald Cobblepot showed up acting batshit and I was like, wow man damn – nobody in that town has their screws tightened. Maybe James Gordon, but so we don’t know much about him yet. He might be another ‘Bad Lieutenant.’ But I don’t care to see too many characters. I groaned a little when lil Poison Ivy peeked out through that door.

Whatever, it’s good enough to reel me in for a couple try-out episodes. Who’s in?

First air date is September 22, 2014

Via – THR

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