Sylvester Stallone’s pushing up iron and pushing out action movies while pushing 70. He’s reinvented his career around blue-haired male actors shooting up foreign lands for machismo’s sake. The novelty was pretty kickass on paper and ‘The Expendables’ 1 & 2 turned out okay. When you go see a movie built on a mindless foundation, you have to dumb yourself down. That forced mental degradation made both movies, as well as loud farts, wildly enjoyable. Banking on our willingness to digress into stupidity for two hours, Stallone spearheaded the final installment of the trilogy nobody needed. The third film is doing terribly in theaters, indicating that our patience has run out. Instead of throwing in the towel, old Sly dog has decided to spin off the series with an all-female cast called ‘The Expendabelles.‘ Headlining his dream team would be Sigourney Weaver, of ‘Aliens’ fame. Guess what she said about that.


The elderly powerhouse suggested a natural premise for the story: Weaver would play his ex-wife who won the house, the car, and the mercenaries in the divorce. Oh man. Sigourney Weaver is arguably the top gun when it comes to female action stars. She’s got a trail of smashed box offices in her wake, as well as dead alien bodies. Since the 70’s she’s been on the tip of the tongues of smart casting directors and there’s no sign of her slowing down. She can do drama, be moderately funny, and probably still has what it takes to kill mercilessly. At 64 years old, she’s perfect Stallone bait for the ‘Expendabelles’ lady list. But if you asked Sigourney Weaver, she’d say Stallone can tell his story walking.


We could spend the rest of this post making up rumors about how Weaver passed on it to star in Schwarzenegger’s new ‘Terminatrix’ flick. Or maybe her schedule was jacked with shooting those ‘Jane Bourne’ movies. I could do this all day – ‘Command-ho,’ ‘Lady Transporter.’ She might even have passed on this once in a lifetime role because the movie has such a stupid name. We don’t know right now because the Hollywood Reporter mentioned her disinterest kind of off-hand during an interview promoting her new film ‘A Monster Calls.’ That sounds like it could be a fun shooter, but the IMDB description paints a pretty dramatic picture.

So, what do you think? Is Weaver expendable? Big loss here. The choices are pretty slim as there aren’t too many female action stars. And do they have to be senior citizens? Don’t action movie fans prefer to see hot young women carrying the firearms? I’m not saying they would go all Judy Densch on us, but I’m curious about the age range here. Who could we cast in this thing? Sound off below!

Prepare to be dumbed down sometime in 2015.

Source – THR

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