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ABOVE: First official Dancing Groot toy! Woo hoo, right? Meh, your excitement might wane when you realize it’s just a bobble head. Well, bobble hands sort of dance so I guess that counts.  [TheMarySue]


If you seen Rebecca (it’s a Manga thing), you would know that this cosplay is 10/10. Yes Virginia, those are not her real boobs, she made them out of pillow foam and Glue. [9gag]


A limited run of 3,000 individually numbered Smaug figures will be made available to those who preorder at, and given that he’ll come with a mystery 1.5″ bonus figure. With a 2ft wingspan that thing is going to take up a ton of shelf space. [ToplessRobot]

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? Want to be as cool as Peter Quill? Here’s the drink for you! Put on your Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and enjoy. [Geek&Sundry]

Two fish playing Street Fighter is the equivalent of underwater button smashing. I’d like to see Robert The Bruce take on a pro player. I would think it would be akin to an experienced player losing to their girlfriend who picks up game for first time.   [Geekologie]

Who’s (Emotionally) stronger Superman or Goku. The best part of this video? Fanboys on both sides will still argue about the results. [Dorkly]

The Intro to the 1990s Television Show ‘Twin Peaks’ Reimagined as an 8-Bit Animated Video Game [LaughingSquid]

Talk Dead to Me (Jason Derulo Walking Dead Music Video Parody). This is what happens when there is too long a break in between seasons.  [WalkerStalkers]






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