This summer’s Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was met with more than a bit of internet hate, much like any news reporting that the filmmaker has taken on another project.  Every decision that was being made during the production of the comic book adaptation was scrutinized by fanboys all over the web and there was plenty of frustration and confusion from those fans anytime something did not fall in line with their vision of the Turtles. One of the biggest complaints that people had about the reboot was with respect to the Turtles’ new look.  Well, if these images are any indication, things could have been worse.

ComicBookMovie has been tracking Ninja Turtles since the reboot and have uncovered some…interesting concept art from Anthony Francisco (Guardians of the Galaxy, GI Joe: Retaliation).  A few years back, before production started, Francisco was brought on by Illusion Industries to design a new look for the heroes in a half shell.  Luckily, it sounds like the people behind the film decided to pass.  According to Francisco:

“We did get a chance to meet with the producers and the meeting went well but we did not get the gig.”

After taking a look at these images, especially the images that show the Turtles with automatic weapons, it is easy to see why.








Francisco’s vision is the stuff that nightmares are made of but, if you recall, the initial plot of the reboot had the Turtles dropping their mutant origins, instead being aliens from another planet.  These images are likely following that trail and it is all but guaranteed that if Bay had continued down that road, there may have been riots in the streets.  Say what you will about Bay and his decisions (especially his decision to cast Megan Fox as, well, ANYONE), but when it comes to the Turtles, I’d take the final designs he gave audiences on the screen over these monstrosities any day.

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