I don’t remember when I first saw Ghostbusters but I’m positive that I loved it immediately. It was funny and sported our 80’s concept of cool special effects. But Honest Trailers has a way of calling out the things you love and fitting them into the Emperor’s New Clothes. I mean, even I knew it wasn’t perfect but over 4 minutes of harsh criticism and borderline nitpicking? You be the judges.

When you’re eleven years old and your mom takes you to a movie where demons feel women’s boobs and a quack scientist insults a douchebag’s dick, it’s embarrassing. So the movie surely had some risque elements and watching those cigarettes get smoked reminds me Mad Men. But it was a fun two hours and it helped cement some actors’ names into further legend. Does it deserve an Honest Trailer?

Hell yeah. Everything does. Got a movie you think is off limits? Let’s hear about it below!

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