Dumping more napalm on the burning flame of desire for a female-led superhero movie, Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall has said aloud that he’s all for bringing a solo Black Widow movie to cinema’s everywhere, and it’s actually his Marvel dream project. The chorus has grown steadily louder for Marvel Studios to give the Russian spy-turned Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.-turned-Avenger her own adventure, and Scarlett Johansson seems more than up to the task of carrying her own comic book adventure (her current pregnancy notwithstanding), but why does Marshall want to make his Marvel movie Black Widow-centric? He recently explained his rationale in a new interview…

While talking to Vanity Fair, director Marshall, who’s lensed a couple of key episode for Thrones as well as cult favorites Dog Soldiers and The Descent, talked about why Black Widow is a good project for him, and why he finds the idea appealing. “I think I’d like to do a big movie with a strong female lead, whether or not she would be a superhero,” Marshall explained saying that he finds Widow interesting because she’s not a typical, super-powered superheroine. “[S]he doesn’t have any superpowers, she just has extraordinary skills, and the world that she comes from, being this ex-K.G.B. assassin, I find that really fascinating, yeah.”

Marshall added that the Widow is more identifiable, to him anyway, because she doesn’t have powers. “Very rarely do they get killed off, and when they do get killed off, chances are they’re going to be back… somehow,” he said.

Personally, if I had any authority at Marvel, I would be signing that check now. Not only has Marshall proved himself handling big action and heavy character drama, but he’s also proved himself capable of creating smart, powerful, and independent female characters like in the aforementioned Descent and the gonzo, post-apocalyptic action flick Doomsday. Think of how bad@$$ Rhona Mitra‘s character Edna Sinclair is in Doomsday, battling across the quarantined Scottish countryside against Mad Max-like marauders, and being forced to battle medieval knights in a gladiator-style battle to the death. Marshall could surely give a lady with Widow’s skills a thorough workout.

And let’s not forget the economical concerns. For a $40 million budget, Luc Besson’s Lucy has made nearly $250 million at the international box office. And that’s without the Marvel brand, or a pre-established character or franchise behind it. Even though critics were pretty torn about the artistic and scientific merits of Lucy, nearly everyone who’s seen it is confounded my Marvel’s hesitancy about greenlighting Johansson for a Black Widow solo mission. The studio probably isn’t sweating it though, content to have the two biggest hits of the year so far in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, but the pressure’s just going to keep building on studio head Kevin Feige and his team. Plus, I hear Marvel has a few dates open till 2020 in which they could launch a Widow film…

What do you Bastards think, is Marshall a good pick to guide the further adventures of Black Widow? Sound off below.

Source: IGN

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