Time For A ‘Flash’ Easter Egg Hunt!


We are only weeks away from the premiere of CW’s newest addition to their DC lineup, The Flash, and most fans of the character couldn’t be more excited.  So, CW decided to up the ante a bit just to see if they could make some heads explode by releasing the latest poster for the freshman series, and it is chock full of Easter Eggs!

As you can see in the image above, there is a lot to spot in that poster and plenty of treats to be mined. How many were you able to count?  Yes, they are a bit tiny, but there are at least seven that we spotted.  Here is the poster one more time, a bit bigger, so you can try again. Or, if you just want to see what we found, scroll right past!


Alright so, here is what we see so far:

Queen ConsolidatedArrow fans will quickly recognize Queen Consolidated as the company owned by Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow.

Kord Industries – Oh, man. This is an exciting one.  For those that don’t follow the comics, or missed the episodes of Smallville and Arrow in which the company was featured, Kord Industries is owned by Ted Kord, The Blue Beetle. The rabbit hole actually goes a bit deeper with this little tease, since Kord Industries is also tied to Wayne Enterprises, as well as Blue & Gold, a video game company co-owned with Booster Gold.  Hell, even Supergirl has a history with the corporation.  In other words, this small tease could lead to huge things.

S.T.A.R. Labs – Many fans will recognize this other familiar company that resides in the DC Universe.  S.T.A.R. Labs is responsible for turning Victor Stone into the superhero Cyborg.  The inclusion of S.T.A.R. Labs may indicate plenty of other cool surprises but the good money is on bringing Cyborg back after an initial CW appearance in Smallville.

Amertek – When comic book fans refer to Amertek, they are usually talking about only one hero – Steel.  You may remember Shaquille O’Neil tried to fill the role in the 1997 flop, Steel. Then again, you may have done all you can to forget.  Actually, it really is better to forget.  Bottom line: Steel is a badass that could easily fill in for Superman within the Flash tv series.


Big Belly Burger – So, this one isn’t necessarily as exciting as the rest, since BBB is a featured fast food chain in pretty much any DC property and is regularly featured in Arrow.  Still, it is interesting to note that this may be another nod to Booster Gold, as he did work for BBB and has even done commercials for the chain.

Palmer Technologies – Ok, I can admit, this one has me at a bit of a loss.  However, it is very probable that this is referring to Ray Palmer, aka The Atom.  The Atom has been confirmed to be joining Arrow’s team very soon, played by Brandon Routh, so this seems likely.

Grodd Lives – Alright, this is the one villain that may have some people scratching their heads. Gorilla Grodd is an ape who was given super powers by an alien who crashed on Earth.  Would this be cool to see? Absolutely! Plus, Grodd was already confirmed to appear in The Flash, which makes sense, considering their history.  That being said, it will be tough for a casual viewer who may not be a fan of the comic books the series is drawing from to accept a super intelligent, telepathic ape.  This one will be interesting to see how it plays out.


Were you able to spot any others? These little tidbits give us an idea of the direction that The Flash will be taking and it is very exciting.  Fans were able to see the pilot for the series at San Diego Comic-Con this year and it was better than anyone could have hoped.  The pilot takes a stark turn from the broodiness of Arrow and is a hell of a lot of fun.  We can only hope that the series stays on that path and lives up to the expectations of the millions that are on the edge of their seats to start a new Flash series.  If these Easter Eggs are any indication, this series may wind up being exactly what DC fans have been waiting to see for years.  If you aren’t excited yet, check out the latest teaser to see why the rest of us have October 7 marked on our calendars.

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