Robert Downey Jr.’s ego is legendary.  If you have ever been in the presence of the man, or have ever seen/read pretty much any interview with Downey, you know that his ego is almost a defining characteristic.  However, in a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, the actor behind the ego had some kind words for the highest grossing film of the summer.

Speaking with the Sun, Downey admitted that Guardians of the Galaxy was more than a little amazing.

“Galaxy in some ways is the best Marvel movie ever,” Downey says with admiration. “And it’s odd for someone with — on occasion — an ego the size of mine to actually say that!”

Now, this wouldn’t be a huge statement from someone who had a small part in a Marvel Studios film or two, but we are talking about Tony Freakin’ Stark – THE Iron Man.  Downey’s arrogance was perfect for Stark, and the “I am Iron Man” scene in Marvel Studios’ first movie, 2008’s Iron Man, was a brilliant display of this ego.

However, he does also attribute the success of Guardians to the success of Marvel’s stable of characters that have hit the big screen over the past six years.

“We’re talking about how the Iron Mans and the Thors and the Captain Americas and the Avengers movies have afforded Marvel the opportunity to essentially take what was a third-tier, minor, kind of upstart bit of potential from one of their comic books series and say: ‘Look!’ ”

There are plenty of people who would argue that Marvel Studio’s success is due entirely to the fact that Downey was an integral part of building the foundation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and has been featured in 3 Iron Man movies, 2 Avengers movies (if you include the upcoming Age of Ultron), and even appeared in The Incredible Hulk.  So, his admission that GotG is the “best Marvel movie ever” is kind of a big deal.  Does he have any sour grapes about this admission?

“It’s like you have a great quarterback, and his brother plays for another team, and then you say: ‘Look, this is their second cousin and we think he has a great arm and he should start.’ And then he goes and wins the Superbowl!”

Hey, Manning Brothers! RDJ just likened you the successful Marvel movies!  That’s a pretty huge compliment in my book.

Fans will be able to see Robert Downey Jr. in a very un-Stark role in The Judge, which hits theaters in October, before seeing him in Avengers 2 next year.  How about his other popular franchise, Sherlock Holmes?

“We are working on a Sherlock Holmes 3

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the biggest Hollywood comeback stories in history.  His bouts with the police, and his drug and alcohol addiction is almost as notorious as his ego.  Once he decided to put it all behind him, however, RDJ returned to Hollywood in full force, better than ever, and Marvel has never been the same.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we will get to see him in Iron Man 4, if it ever happens.

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