Writer/director Kevin Smith built his career off the back of his love for comic books and geek fandom. While his proclivities for geek culture seeped into many of his movies, none so more than his 1995 romantic comedy Mallrats.

Besides the film featuring a main character who collects comic books and has a weird obsession with super hero sex organs, the stand out fan-boy moment is when Marvel comics legend Stan Lee makes a cameo as himself and tells a story about “the girl that got away”.

A delightful and inspiring scene on what was otherwise a juvenile movie. Really, though, I think Smith simply wrote the scene as an excuse to work with one of his comic book heroes. Whatever the case, it worked. Smith and Lee have become life long friends. A geeks dream come true.

Now, 20 years later (feeling old are you?) Kevin Smith and Stan Lee will reunite for Smith’s upcoming film Yoga Hosers.

Smith released an image of Stan Lee dressed as a police offer to Twitter, explaining that he got to direct “The Man” again just last night for Yoga Hosers.


Yoga Hosers follows two “yoga nuts” with matching name, Colleen Collette (Lily-Rose Depp) and Colleen McKenzie (Harley Quinn Smith), with an after school job at a convenience store in Canada. The pair have to join forces with a famous Montreal man-hunter named Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp) to combat an evil rising up from beneath Canada, so that they can get to a 12th-grade party.

It’s unknown to what extend Lee is involved in the film. Though, with his name not previously mentioned in cast announcement which includes the return of the entire Tusk cast – Michael Parks, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez, Ralph Garman, Harley Morenstein, Tony Hale, Natasha Lyonne, Austin Butler, Adam Brody, Tyler Posey, Jason Mewes, – and welcoming Lily-Rose Depp, Harley Quinn Smith and Johnny Depp, it’s likely ole Stan The Man is on the cameo circuit again.

Yoga Hosers is arguably one of Smith’s most absurd sounding projects to date. Yes, even weirder than his other upcoming movie, Tusk, about a guy who turns another guy into a human walrus. But, who knows, it could be good. Guardians of the Galaxy gave call to “WTF” reactions when it was first announced, having a humanoid tree and talking gun toting raccoon making half of the films main characters. We all know how well that turned out, now don’t we?

I feel we’re in a time now in movies where weird is wonderful. Off the wall concepts are fresh and unique and give way for new possibilities.

Kevin experienced this first hand. The once retired director – having lost himself in Kevin Smith world, the pains of making movies, and Bruce Willis (look it up) – found new life in his provocative horror film Red State. An intense movie  with captivating performances. Defiantly a genre switcher for Smith.

He then went and made an even weirder movie in Tusk. Now he’s knee deep in this super hero Yoga movie starring his kid and Johnny Depp.  Don’t think there ever was a more unlikely pairing than Depp and Smith, but I’m quite eager to see the result.

Smith’s Clerk days are clearly behind him. He’s on the “Let’s get weird” creative roll. I, for one, am glad to see Kevin back doing it his way!

Back to the topic of Stan Lee. The former maestro of Marvel Comics is a true delight. Gracious and positive, it’s kind of what he does. He’s everyone’s favorite Grandpa. Having him appear in a Smith film once again will be sure to bring a smile.

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