Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series ‘American Horror Story’ is unique in that every season is a new tale with new characters, using mostly the same actors. They effectively tackled the ghost story theme in season 1, went batshit crazy in season 2’s insane asylum, and dealt with modern day witches in last year’s ‘Coven.’ Fans of the show were ecstatic to learn this season’s ‘Freak Show’ would have a carnival setting. Obviously Murphy and friends have yet to run out of unsettling ideas. And in true series fashion, the marketing has been pretty spot on. In promotion of their sideshow fright show in 1950’s Jupiter, Florida, the series has released a poster and a few teasers. If the cringe-worthy photo of a girl trapped in a birdcage does it for you, keep going and I’ll show you more freaks.


Roll call! Sarah Paulson’s Siamese twins are Bette and Dot Tattler. Dennis O’Hare and Frances Conroy sandwich Kathy Bates playing Effil Darling, the Bearded Lady and the triple-breasted Angela Bassett as Desiree Dupree. On the second row we have The World’s Strongest Man played by Michael Chiklis. Playing Jimmy Darling is longtime show stalwart Evan Peters.  And of course the ringleader for Freak Show is Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange. The poster’s tag line is “Wir Sind Alle Freaks,” which translates from German to “we are all freaks.”

Now that we’ve met the cast, let’s see what else we can do to freak ourselves out. Below are a set of short teasers that do nothing other than put us in weird places. No backstory, no info, it’s all just played for effect. Some manage to get the job done better than others, but you’ve gotta see them all. Let’s get freaky!

That video’s got a young woman stuffed into a birdcage. She’s struggling a bit, but seems to have some sort of positive relationship with her captor. As positive as Stockholm Syndrome gets, anyway.

Here we have a manly-looking woman swinging in her circle very nonchalantly. It took me a few viewings to notice that she had three legs. Some YouTube commentors said she’s contorting into a Swastika, but I don’t get that. Plus, I’d hate to see the series rehash more Nazi stuff.

Initially, I found this one the hardest to take. It’s a dude licking a spoon and his tongue totally splits in half. His mouth skills and facial hair denote mustache rides. But you gotta be a certain height to get on board.

The best I can figure from this one is that a goddam chicken foot is presenting a ticket for admittance. Since when do chickens watch freak shows?

Looks like a fun season is on its way. I’ve always liked ‘American Horror Story,’ but the male objectification seems to increase every year. The men on the show are either the worst human beings possible, weak beyond belief, or just humiliated on the regular. The husband in the first season was a cheating bastard and his reluctant cohort was a misshapen cretin. Season 3 was the worst. Gotta see that one to believe it. The show obviously caters to its female viewers and aims to depict strong women in situations that challenge their capable nerves. But in doing so, it beats up the guys something ridiculous. I know, it’s the same crap women have had to deal with for eons – I get that. But two wrongs don’t make a right and this issue has compromised my loyalty to the series. I’m hoping for better from ‘Freak Show.’ And it’s not just me, there are sites around the internet that have voiced comparable opinions on this point. I’m still going to watch it though, because I’m excited about the Scary Clown. And plus, the show aims to explore the freak in all of us, and I need therapy.

I’ll see you there October 8th on FX.

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