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Welcome to this week’s barrage of news from the Star Wars front. This time around we’ve got a few announcements, including Harrison Ford’s return, some talking heads discussing the various new Star Wars projects, a sneak peek at one of the new Star Wars: Rebels toys and even a few possible spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VII. Read on for all the details. The spoiler stuff has been placed at the bottom, so fear not that you will tread into uncharted space.

First and foremost – Episode VII has resumed shooting! As everyone knows, actor Harrison Ford (you may remember him as Han Solo) busted his leg up a couple of months ago. Filming kept going, but there was only so much that director J.J. Abrams could do without Ford. Now that Ford’s leg has healed, everything looks to be fine. Considering that the Internet rumormill is saying that Han Solo has a huge role in the new flick, it’s good that they didn’t have to shoot the rest of Ford’s scenes with him in a wheelchair.

Next up, some Star Wars: Rebels news, the first part of which is this video featuring a look at the new JAKKS Pacific line of toys. Enjoy.

Is it just me or does Ezra look like they recycled the face mold from the character of Aladdin from the movie… Aladdin. I guess it’s all Disney, so they can do what they want. But still…

Second on the Rebels front, some words from the Rebels’ supervising director, Dave Filoni. When talking with, he was gracious enough to share a few tidbits concerning the new show and what direction Disney and the gang plans on taking it.

When asked what the target market for Rebels is (young kids or old fogeys), Filoni had quite a bit to say:

I had the same kind of target audience I did when I did Clone Wars, which I always described as “six to forty-six and beyond.” The best compliment we ever got on Clone Wars was parents coming up and telling me that it was something they could watch with their kids.

The trick of Star Wars isn’t that you’re ever making it younger, ever. You would never dare dumb it down. It’s just that you make a story that relates to people, and everyone across a large spectrum. If the characters are good, I think that will succeed. If not, you don’t ever want to simplify things or make it silly. I want this to be visually stylized and not photorealistic but that doesn’t mean at all that it’s a simpler story or that we’ve dumbed things down.

When asked to elaborate on the new lightsaber design for the chief baddie in Rebels, The Inquisitor, Filoni had these words for the fans:

You’re always looking for new weaponry, new cool things to do with the lightsaber.

That lightsaber The Inquisitor has, though, came out of The Force Unleashed. It was an abandoned design that [Amy Beth Christenson], one of my designers had done.

If you want to see the article in its entirety, head on over to There are a few more cool things in there about the sound and shooting as well as how Filoni feels Rebels relates to his former project, Clone Wars.

Next up, Disney learns how to steal even more of your money! You’ve all likely heard of Disney Infinity by now. It’s one of those exploitational video games that microcharges you for every character you want to be able to play in the game. Feel like taking on the role of Jack Skellington? Go out and buy his collectable figurine or you’re shit out of luck. Some people love it, and some of us want to kick Disney in the balls for it.

But however you feel, Disney Infinity is getting an upgrade. With the 2.0 verision, Disney will be shoving another of their hot properties into the game – Marvel Super Heroes. Some of the brains behind the game chatted with Newsarama recently, discussing the difficulities of keeping future developments from leaking, the difficulty of getting the rights for all the characters within the game and how the entire project has evolved over the last few years. It’s an interesting read for fans of the game as well as anyone interested in what goes into making a video game in general.

Oh yeah, and they also went ahead and teased one of the next additions that will be coming to Disney InfinityStar Wars characters. That’s right, someday you will be able to pit Han Solo vs. Iron Man in the ultimate showdown. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, check out this trailer for the Toy Box 2.0 and see if you’re hooked or not:

And finally… The Spoilers!

Warning! Spoilers ahead! Yup, Spoilers. There are Spoilers here. As in things that may Spoil Star Wars: Episode VII for you. You have been warned (several times).

The good old boys at Latino Review have let loose with another barrage of “undercover” information, this time revolving around some details of the upcoming Star Wars flick. We’re not saying that they’re necessarily right, but if they are, then fans can expect to see the following from Episode VII:

– The Emperor will be the big bad guy in both Episode VII and Episode VIII. Somehow he’s still alive and working behind the scenes. If you’ve ever read the Star Wars novels, you know that the Emperor had a few clones of himself made, so this isn’t too far beyong the realm of plausibility.

– The rumor that Domhnall Gleeson is playing Luke’s son is BS. Luke has been held captive for the majority of the time between Episodes VI and VII and thus has no children.

– Skelling Michael Island is being used as the Sith homeworld. The Sith are the main evil grunts in the movie and their entire planet is apparently going to be some sort of uber-weapon, similar to the Death Star.

And that’s enough Star Wars new to last us two lifetimes. So don’t forget to tune in next week when we’ll likely have another giant batch ready to go for ya.

Check out Star Wars: Episode VII (aka A New Bucketload of Cash) when it hits theaters next Christmastime, on December 18th of 2015.


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