Kevin Smith is a successful writer, director, podcaster and traveling story teller. He is all those things, yet, most folks just think of him as that funny fat guy who talks a lot and made those Jay and Silent Bob movies.

If you’ve been paying attention to Smith these days, you may have noticed that he’s done a complete 180. Not only has he jumped film genres, but the sharp tongued funnyman has lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Having Tweeted the photo above earlier today from the set of his latest film Yoga Hosers, fans will no longer see Smith as a funny fat man, and instead just a funny man.

How’d he do it? Smith has a rather remarkably simple tip.


The director has had challenges with his weight throughout his career, often gaining and losing dramatic amounts between films. His weight, though, was always part of his shtick. Self depreciating humor allowed Smith to make what would normally be a sensitive subject for most into something funny. Instead of laughing at him, fans were laughing along with him — it also made for a few snappy podcast titles, such as “Too Fat for 40” and “Fatman on Batman”.

I don’t know if Smith was ever truly ashamed of his weight, but I’m sure getting kicked off a plane  in 2010 for being too fat wasn’t a pleasant experience. Maybe that was a catalyst for wanting to get healthy?

After a few inquiries on Twitter from fans who acknowledged his much more slender figure, Smith chimed in with the following explanation:

True story: on Tusk, I learned how to lose weight WHILE making a movie. The secret is to not eat sugar and stand all day. I never sit behind the monitor: I’m always moving now. I’ve been wearing a Jawbone bracelet and using the UP app to count my daily steps and every day this week, I’ve averaged 12,000. That’s close to walking 5 miles a day. I NEVER walk 5 miles a day EVER. So while I stand there every day making this weird little movie with my kid and her friend in it, I’ve been quietly cutting pounds in the process. This is why I’ve been stringing so many movies together lately: filmmaking, for me, has proven to be an excellent exercise regiment.

Smith has always been a person that I have admired and inspired by. His work and frequent talks turned me onto a lot of my now current passions, and he’s a defining reason why I started Nerd He has had experiences and reached success than most could only dream of. I’ve always thought “If he can do it, then so can I”. Well at least attempt to anyway.

As someone who has struggled with weight issues and who works a job that puts me behind a screen all day, Smith’s transformation is a startling realization that I need to get up and get moving.

Outside of his personal appearance, Smith is continuing to change how fans perceive him.

Distancing himself from his View Askew days, Smith made the provocative anti-Westboro Baptist Church movie Red State. He’s got a psychological horror moving coming out next month called Tusk, in which a crazy old man (played by the always captivating Michael Parks) abducts a young man (Justin Long) with plans to transform him into a human walrus. He’s currently working on Yoga Hosers, a bizarre super hero film which features two young yoga instructors  (played by his daughter and Johnny Depp’s daughter) who join forces with a famous Montreal man-hunter (Johnny Depp) to combat an evil that is rising up from beneath Canada.

This string of weird movies has Smith in a feverish creative period. While he’ll likely always be remembered as the guy that made those stoner flicks, he’s jumped that genre and now he’s doing different things (his way) again. It’ll be interesting to see how the public perception of him changes as he continues this path.

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