In the same mode as other nerd icon documentaries like To Be Takei and Birth of the Living Dead, we now get Starring Adam West. Now if you’re thinking, “So what? He was the lame Batman from the lame 1960s Batman TV series,” you’ve clearly never been to a con and seen this man pack them in to standing room only capacity. Needless to say, Adam West didn’t always feel that love. There were some pretty lean years between Batman and Family Guy‘s Mayor West. But now, it seems, West is ready to talk about the totality of his career: the good, the Bat, and the ugly.

It’s a big year for West even without the release of a documentary about himself. This year saw the Batman seriesfinally emerge from DVD limbo as Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox were able to reach an agreement to get all three season of the show on Blu-ray in time for the Dark Knight’s 75th birthday. But the doc is about more than Batman, it’s also about how a respected and versatile actor got the role of a lifetime, and when it was over, he was forced to do all kinds of things completely unbecoming of an actor who spent three years on one of the most popular shows on television. Like a lot of pop icons of the 60s, West was subject to typecasting and the doubt of casting directors who didn’t think he could do anything worthwhile not wearing the cowl. How far we’ve come.

As for the movie, this Kickstarter funded doc got its world premiere at the Sun Valley Film Festival last year and appeared at a couple of other festivals too. Here’s the description of the film from the website:

In 1966 Adam West was on top of the world. The farm boy from Walla Walla was on a meteoric rise to fame as the star of the ABC series Batman. But after three seasons, the series was cancelled, leaving West typecast as the caped crusader.  But Adam West never gave up. Through good years and bad he continued to follow his passion, pursue his craft, and fight his way back. “Starring Adam West” is the story of a Hollywood survivor, a family man, and the loyal fans who will stop at nothing to see their super hero justly rewarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This film wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of all our Kickstarter supporters. To learn more about the story behind the making of “Starring Adam West” please check out our Kickstarter page.

And here’s the trailer for Starring Adam West

Interested? Well, as luck would have it you can now stream the entire thing on Encore Play and on Encore On Demand. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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