Frozen is not only one of the most popular animated movies of all time, it is one of the most popular movies of all time, period.  Between its message of true love between sisters and its catchy soundtrack, not to mention a stable of characters that were severely likeable, Frozen has grossed over $1.2bil worldwide and has received more awards than you can shake a carrot at.  Now that it has dominated the animated world, Disney is bringing a live action Elsa, Anna, and even Kristoff to the small screen in ABC’s Once Upon a Time and if these promos are an indication, Frozen will continue to win hearts over.

ABC has released a teaser for the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time and it looks as if Storybrooke is in for some changes.

In addition to the teaser, here is a brief look at “A Tale of Two Sisters”, an upcoming episode of the series.

After casting Georgina Haig (Fringe) as Elsa for season 4 of OUAT, ABC quickly grabbed Elizabeth Lail as Anna, and Scott Michael Foster (Halt and Catch Fire) soon followed as Kristoff.  No word on Olaf as of yet but showrunner Adam Horowitz has previously remained mum on the snowman’s appearance, stating only that

We do enjoy Olaf.

Well, hopefully fans will get to see the adorable snowman with a thirst for the sun in some incarnation or another during the life of the story arc.

Still not enough Frozen/Storybrooke for your buck?  Here are some great promo photos which highlight the newest additions to ABC’s fairy tale series.

Frozen 1

Frozen 2

Frozen 3

Frozen 4

Frozen 5

Frozen 6

Frozen 7

Frozen 8

Frozen 9

Frozen is one of those stories that seemed to pull on the heartstrings of every one of its viewers.  If you actually know someone who claims they don’t enjoy the movie, you may want to find better friends.  The movie did more than just tell a story of another princess – it was a story of a princess who didn’t need a prince; a story that emphasized familial bonds over romantic entanglements; a story that showed that being different can be scary but it is also what makes us who we are.  If OUAT is able to capture even 50% of that spirit, season 4 is sure to be the best season to date.


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