Over the weekend, fans of the superhero known as The Tick, the big, blue defender of The City, were  teased with reports that his once-cancelled live-action series was returning to our hearts via Amazon’s  Instant Video streaming service. While the news was treated as warily as The Tick’s sidekick Arthur  approaches Chairface Chippendale, The Tick creator Ben Edlund confirmed on his Twitter feed on  Sunday that Amazon and Sony are indeed looking to resurrect the 2001 Fox cult series.

Edlund’s confirmation has added another layer of credence and gravitas to the rumors that The Wrap  and People Magazine reported during the Labor Day holiday weekend, which indicated that series  star Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, The Venture Bros.) had signed on to don The Tick’s signature blue  costume yet again for a new pilot.

Amazon has becoming more aggressive in its strides to provide original content for its streaming  service. In addition to eying The Tick for development, Amazon Instant Video has been garnering much-deserved attention with its critically-acclaimed John Goodman-vehicle Alpha House. Amazon  might be gearing up to become better equipped with contending with Netflix and Hulu’s efforts in their  production of original content.

With the revival of the live-action series, Patrick Warburton will have quite a few projects on his acting  plate. In addition to his duties as The Tick, Warburton will continue to voice Joe Swanson on Fox’s Family  Guy and will appear on Hub Network’s new series Transformers: Robots in Disguise in 2015. However,  the actor has proven time and again to be adept at juggling multiple roles without missing a beat.

There’s no word yet whether Warburton’s Tick costars would be returning with him, including Nestor Carbonell (Batmanuel), who has made his pop culture mark since The Tick was cancelled in 2002, playing  both Richard of The Others on ABC’s Lost and Gotham City’s mayor in director Christopher Nolan’s Dark  Knight trilogy.

While it is still far too early to predict when The Tick will return to our lives on Amazon, you reacquaint  yourself with the SPOON-yelling hero by watching this first episode of the series.

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