It’s been so long since I’ve seen 1995’s ‘Ghost In The Shell’ that I had to look it up to see what it was about. From a business standpoint, one wonders about the wait limit on converting a cartoon into a film. Does the freshness matter at all? Perhaps as long as the movie is good, it has a chance at being another ‘Kick Ass’ instead of a ‘Barb Wire.’ But then, of course, this anime series had a TV show in 2002 and more extensions in 2013. Do we even want a ‘Ghost In The Shell’ live action movie? Yes or no, it looks like we’re getting one. And they may have even found their lead actress.


I’m reasonably smart and I like to stay on top of things, but I’ll be the first to tell you that I have no idea who Margot Robbie is. I know it’s weird. Like, I keep hearing this name ‘Blake Lively’ all the time and I’m like, “who?” But anyway, that’s Robbie up top, and she’s apparently in talks for the lead role. The screenplay was written by Bill Wheeler, who also wrote for the failed TV series ‘The Cape.’ GITS is a manga-turned-anime story about Motoko Kusanagi, a counter-terrorist team leader in 21st century Japan. With Margot Robbie’s flowing blond hair and blue eyes, this casting makes perfect sense already. And I imagine that with Robbie’s name associated with an action movie, Katee Sackoff might have some competition for that dream role of Ms. Marvel. Or not.

Research tells me that 21st Century Japan’s got a severe hacking problem, thanks to a mastermind called The Puppeteer. But it’s not just any old hacking scheme – in the future, everything’s connected to our brains or something, and shit can hit the fan when someone smart enough knows how to hack your grey matter. That’s where super terrific, fight time master, Japanese law enforcer Margot Robbie comes in.

When I looked up her information, I saw that she was in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ and did some Aussie TV soap opera. But in researching images, I was surprised to find so many provocative and overtly sexual photos of the woman who I was starting to see as a serious actress. I’m looking way too into this, yes. But since we’re talking anime, there’s gotta be tons of room for an actress who seems to ooze sexuality. More on that casting though; was Rinko Kikuchi busy? I get touchy when it comes to switching around races for classic characters. I don’t care to see a black Human Torch any more than I want a blond Motoko, so yes – it goes both ways. But I guess, in essence, I don’t care about this movie so it doesn’t matter.

How do you feel about this casting? Are you stoked at seeing this film?

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