The World of Ice and Fire

While fans have been crying out for The Winds of Winter, the next installment of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, GRRM has been collaborating with Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson of on a comprehensive history of the seven kingdoms. 

The World of Ice and Fireset for release on October 28, starts with the Dawn Age and runs through the Age of Heroes. It contains “all of the accumulated knowledge, scholarly speculation, and inherited folk tales of maesters and septons, maegi and singers.” In addition to detailed “historical” stories, there are over 170 illustrations, like the one above, plus family trees.

the world of ice and fire excerpt

One of the things that most interests me about A Song of Ice and Fire is the variety of cultures that exist within the stories. Game of Thrones brought them to life, but this new book will give us an in-depth look at the different societal norms. It will be cool to see how these have influenced character motivations.

Speaking of the HBO series, this sounds like a great read for non-book fans who only watch the show. One thing that I hear a lot from people who haven’t read the books is that they get confused by the historical references. The World of Ice and Fire will give you more context and create a richer experience when you watch Game of Thrones.

And in news possibly more exciting than the release of the book, GRRM will be making an appearance at the 92Y in New York City on Sunday, October 26. The event starts at 8pm and tickets are $170. Note that 92Y is a non-profit community center, the ticket price will help support its efforts.

I’m so thrilled about this book and all that it will reveal about the history of Westeros and if that history gives us any clues about the future of the Iron Throne.

There’s a sample from the book, titled “Aegon’s Conquest,” on GRRM’s website. You can pre-order The World of Ice and Fire on Amazon for 29.98.


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