Ghostbusters 3 absolutely refuses to die.  Rumors surrounding the third entry in the appropriately popular Ghostbusters series have been floating around since the release of the less-than-satisfying second movie back in 1989.  These rumors have persisted over the past two decades and more fuel was thrown on the fire when original Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd, mentioned that the third movie would begin filming soon. That was about a year ago and every couple of months, new rumors emerge.  One of these rumors is the rumor that the original team of ‘Busters would be passing the torch to a newer, younger, all female ghostbusting team in the sequel.  Few can deny that this would be a great movie in the right hands and Bill Murray has a few thoughts on who would fit in the world that he, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts helped create.

While speaking to the Toronto Sun to promote his newest flick, St. Vincent, Bill Murray not only suggested that a female led sequel would be awesome but he also even has a few ideas of who he would like to see don the proton packs.

 “I’m fine with it,” Murray says. “I would go to that movie, and they’d probably have better outfits, too.”

Melissa [McCarthy] would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny — God, she’s funny!

“I like this girl Linda Cardellini (Mad Men) a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there.”

McCarthy, for her part, seems like she would love to join the project if it ever becomes reality.

“Oh, my God, that’s daunting,” she said of the prospect. “That’s taking on a legend, a legendary movie. But I would do anything with those ladies, anything at all.” However, it’s just wishful thinking at this point, as McCarthy also added that “nobody has talked to me about it.”

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Considering the latest rumor has director Paul Feig at the wheel of the potential sequel, there are plenty of people that would absolutely love to see this exact cast jump into the iconic overalls that fans recognize a mile away.  Feig, who started out as an actor who credits his first appearance to an episode of The Facts of Life, has become to go-to guy for female led comedies.  With Bridesmaids and The Heat, Feig has shown that he can effectively and appropriately handle a female cast and knows exactly how to use the talent that he enlists to bring on the funny.  McCarthy has starred in both films and, in Bridesmaids, stole each and every scene that she was featured in.  Rumors that a Bridesmaids sequel or spin off starring McCarthy’s character continue to excite fans of the comedy but whether or not that sequel will gain any more traction than Ghostbusters 3 is anyone’s guess.

Bill Murray has famously refused to return to his Ghostbusters role as Dr. Peter Venkman, even though he was by far the audience favorite of the franchise.  There is absolutely no indication that even a female cast could bring him to the project and fans definitely shouldn’t be holding their breath for his return.  As a matter of fact, holding your breath for any incarnation of the sequel probably wouldn’t be a great idea.  However, perhaps if we all just pray to Zuul, we may finally see the movie we have all been waiting much too long to see.


Source: Toronto Sun

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