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After a tumultuous start, Ant-Man is coming sooner than it seems and there are still plenty of questions surrounding the MCU Phase 3 entry.  Will Evangaline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne take up the mantle of Wasp, now that the story has supposedly strayed from the material the movie is based on?  Will Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross give us a new incarnation of Yellowjacket that we will be happy to root against?  Will director Peyton Reed be able to give audiences a movie that is as wonderful and quirky as they were hoping to get from original director Edgar Wright?  How long will Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym don the Ant-Man costume before passing the torch to Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang?  We will probably have to wait a while to get the answers to most of these questions but thanks to a recent interview, Douglas has given all of us the answer to one of the biggest questions that surrounds the movie.

Recently, while speaking with MTV, Douglas was asked about the costume.  Specifically, he was asked about his appearance in the costume.  His answer may disappoint die-hard fans of the character.

“My costume will be hung up and Paul [Rudd] will be wearing it in good form.”

If you are familiar with Ant-Man’s comic book origins, this is probably not something you wanted to hear.  Hank Pym was the original Ant-Man, thanks to Pym’s discovery of the size changing “Pym Particles”, and many were hoping to see Douglas in one costume or another.  After all, not only did Pym hold the title of Ant-Man but also Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and even Wasp, albeit briefly.  Is Douglas a bit old to be a costumed superhero? Perhaps.  However, considering this is the first movie of its kind that Douglas has been attached to, it would have definitely been cool to see the former Gordon Gecko in one superhero get-up or another.  Hell, even Anthony Hopkins got in on the costumed fun as Odin in the Thor movies.

While he may not be getting in on the costume action, Douglas has nothing but good things to say about Paul Rudd, who seems to be all in, and how great Rudd looks in the costume:

“Paul Rudd is ripped.  He’s been training and working out for this picture for a long time. He was so cut, that they had to soften his costume up, with all the built-in six-packs and all of that.”


Ant-Man is one of the biggest question marks in Marvel’s cinematic history.  While Guardians of the Galaxy was seemingly a risky proposition, the fact is that the wacky team of misfits was always in very capable hands, and director James Gunn knew exactly what he was doing with every single character, with every single scene.  Gunn knows how to work with that wackiness and had plenty of experience with movies that were off the beaten path.  Ant-Man‘s director Peyton Reed, on the other hand, has more straight forward movies such as Yes Man and The Break Up in his repertoire and the closest he has come to doing anything even resembling the absurdity of Ant-Man was directing some episodes of the wonderfully off-kilter sketch comedy show, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and about a dozen episodes of The Weird Al Show.  So, there isn’t a lot of confidence in Reed at this point but Marvel has proven time and time again that it can overcome any obstacle, so hopefully they knew what they were doing when they grabbed him.

Ant-Man will be the first entry of Marvel’s Phase 3 and the world will see what the micro-hero can do on July 15, 2015, when it hits the big screen.  If the rumors are true, audiences will even be treated to a costumed Hank Pym in flashback form during the movie, though, if the rumor is true, the younger Pym will be played by an actor other than Douglaas.  In the end, all that really matters is that Marvel gives its fans a quality flick and these days, that is all but a guarantee.


Source: MTV

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