‘Double Dare” To Return To Television?


If you are a child of the 80’s, there is very little doubt that you enjoyed the Nickelodeon series, Double Dare.  The mess-a-minute game show ran from 86-93 and a reboot series would make its way to television in 2000, though its run was considerably shorter than the original.  Well, it appears that one of the hosts of the classic series would love to give it another go and if the Nickelodeon execs are ready to bring on the slime, so is he.  It appears that Marc Summers, the only DD host in many fans’ minds, wants to get back to the mess with a new reboot.

During a HuffPost Live conversation on Monday, Summers not only expressed interest in rebooting the fan favorite series, but he seems as if he is raring to go.

“Here’s the deal. I would love to do some form or fashion of it. Let’s just say that right now … the people who run the Nickelodeon network and I don’t necessarily see eye to eye. I’ve been trying to make nice to those people, but they refuse to talk to me.”


Why the refusal to return Summers’ calls?

“I think they think I’m way too old to do it. I still have the energy and I think I could,” Summers said. “So I’m putting a call out to the folks at Nick: return the phone calls, have a discussion.”

Nickelodeon was at the forefront in children’s television in the 80’s.  Anyone old enough probably remembers running home after school to watch the trivia/physical challenges that Double Dare had to offer.  Actually, let’s be honest – this had nothing to do with the trivia; we all watched for the slime.

Double dare

The series remains a favorite with the thirty-something crowd and Spring Break versions of the game have popped up in some of the most popular college party spots.  DD spawned several spinoffs and made TV Guide’s list of the 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time.  If you consider how many game shows premiere each and every season, much less every year, this is more than a small accomplishment.

Fans definitely shouldn’t hold their breath for the reboot, especially with Summers at the helm.  However, if you are in the mood for some slimy fun, you could always visit Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, where they offer a nightly stage presentation of the show for its guests.  It may not be the small screen but any slime is good slime.  If you are interested in the full interview, you can find it below!


Source: HuffPost

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