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Late last night some images of the Batmobile from Zach Snyder‘s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice started popping up on the Internet. A couple popped up and then were quickly deleted by the user. No word if those were voluntary removals or someone shot out a quick Cease and Desist or they just thought their job might be threatened by the posting of the pictures. We’ve scrapped the bottom of the Internet and found those images and brought them for you all together here!


Zach Snyder tweeted out this official picture today after the other photos of the Batmobile made the Internet rounds:

BxN9u_AIgAIq_qp.jpg large


Two great shots came from Instagram user amacro13:

That is one sweet looking ride. It certainly kicks the crap out of Christopher Nolan‘s Tumbler Batmobile, which at the time was the coolest Batmobile ever.


This new one looks like a cross between the tumbler and Frank Miller‘s Dark Knight Returns Batmobile.

Dark knight Batmobile 11

The slick lines of the Tumbler mixed with the menacing aspect of the Miller Batmobile. There was also this incredible overhead shot showing just how this Batmobile opens up and where Batman sits.


While some have said there are differences between some of these shots and the partially covered Batmobile that Snyder tweeted out a couple of months ago, I believe these are the real deal. We’re just seeing it at different angles.


What do you think? How does this latest Batmobile stack up against its movie predecessors?

I have to say that the more we’ve seen coming out of the production has helped dampen my initial instinct that thought this movie was going to be one hot mess as they added character after character to the script. It might still be, but at least there looks to be some pretty cool individual pieces coming together.

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