Preacher is one of those properties that was kicked around Hollywood for years before a live action adaptation was finally snatched up by the unlikeliest of show runners: comedy masters Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  Now that we know that the comic book adaptation has a home on AMC, questions about other aspects of the production have started to crop up in people’s minds.  To date, there have been no announcements that would give fans of the hit comic book series even a hint as to who would fill the shoes of Jesse Custer, the “Preacher” mentioned in the title, or who would be at the helm of the adaptation.  While it may not be anywhere near official, Seth Rogen and director Duncan Jones (the upcoming Warcraft) recently had a very interesting Twitter conversation about that exact subject.


This whole thing started when AICN’s Eric Vespe tweeted to Rogen and Goldberg that he would would love to see Kurt Russel in the titular role.  Duncan Jones, who has been stuck in a production room somewhere working on Warcraft, wanted to know more about the project.  Luckily, Seth decided to join in the conversation and it just went on from there.

Alright, yes, it DOES get a bit silly but is it a bad idea? Not necessarily. After his absolutely wonderful sci-fi flick, Moon, Jones went on to direct the very underrated The Source Code. With both movies, he was able to give audiences a fantastic story on a shoestring budget (well, shoestring budget in Hollywood, at any rate) and with a small cast. Putting him in the seat for Preacher would put Jones right into his element.

Again, this conversation was not official or anything, so don’t get your hopes up. As a matter of fact, the silliness just continued throughout the evening and if you want to read the entire thing, you can do so on Twitter. In the end, the conversation did more to get people excited about Preacher than the initial announcement of the television series and if it can keep that buzz going, the series will debut as a hit once fans finally get to see it next year. What do you think of Jones helming an episode or two? Anyone you think would be better suited?

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