Neil Gaiman’s Vision of Satan Coming to Fox TV


Some may be disappointed that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic series isn’t getting a proper television series (instead being regulated to a 2-hour movie), but it looks like one of Morpheus’ co-stars is getting to move to the small screen instead. You may remember him from the ‘Season of Mists’ story arc (Sandman issues #21-28), though he has been present within the DC universe in one form or another since as far back as the early 60s. His name is Lucifer and this fallen angel is now the subject of a new pilot being produced for Fox.

As already stated, Lucifer has been a character in the DC universe for some time. Eventually, however, Gaiman would write him into the Sandman series and create an incarnation of the character that was so compelling it prompted the Vertigo comic line to give the guy his own solo series. And though the New 52 have once again rebooted the character’s personality, the Lucifer that Fox is looking for is Gaiman’s.

Those familiar with the ‘Season of Mists’ story arc may remember that Lucifer basically quit running Hell. Now he’s out and about, vacationing in the Caribbean Islands, taking in a round of slots in Vegas and doing all those things that humans do. All-in-all, it’s not a bad life for the former King of Hell. This leads to the inevitable question as to where the writers of the Lucifer pilot plan to take it.

According to Deadline:

Based on the Vertigo characters, the TV series, written and executive produced by Kapinos, centers on Lucifer who, bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the gorgeous, shimmering insanity of Los Angeles, where he opens an exclusive piano bar called Lux.

The devil in charge of a piano bar in LA? This could be interesting or go very wrong, very quickly. If we’re looking at a soap opera of a show then we might as well burn the thing before the pilot even airs. The saving grace is, of course, the face that Tom Kapinos is acting as executive producer. Those familiar with his name will know that he’s one of those responsible for Californication. Somehow I don’t think we’ll need to worry about the show being dark enough.

Still no word on when the pilot might hit the small screen nor whether Fox will try to merge their Vertigo universe with NBC’s Constantine. As cool as that sounds, I sincerely doubt that they’ll even try, being the proprietary, money-grubbing bitches that they are.


Source: Deadline

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