Ever since Michael J. Fox made fools of us all and claimed in an ABC network special coinciding with the release of Back to the Future II that scientists were working on developing an actual hoverboard as seen in the film, it’s been difficult for me to trust anyone. However, the folks behind the film are looking to rectify Fox’s lies (okay, that might be a bit harsh) and make my 10-year-old heart sing, along with everyone else with a fondness for the time-hopping trilogy of movies. They’re still rolling out a feet-related product, just not one that flies.

Back in 2011, official licensed replicas of the futuristic shoes that Marty McFly wore in the beloved second film in the Future trilogy were released. Nevertheless, while this seemed like a gift bestowed by the Chronos himself, the moon boot-looking footwear came with $6,000 price tag attached. Unlike Biff Tannen, Marty’s nemesis throughout history, I don’t have access to an almanac that gives me foreknowledge of future sporting events’ outcomes.
However, someone monitoring the timeline must have heard my sorrowful wails and decided to make the iconic shoes more affordable for the masses, as they have recently been made available for pre-order for $100. While the laces don’t adjust themselves—which, come on, folks, it’s 2014—the futuristic footwear is pert-near perfect. And the best part is that you should be able to have the shoes on your feet by 2015, which is the year that Marty had his encounter with a Hill Valley radically changed by the sands of time.

Now, for God’s sake, could someone please get to work on that hoverboard?

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