A God Just Joined ‘Skull Island’


2005’s King Kong was brilliant on many levels.  Director Peter Jackson was able to create a world that seemed realistic and beautiful while giving audiences a near perfect monster to rally behind.  Considering the success of the movie, both financially and critically, it was surprising to many that a sequel wasn’t immediately greenlit.  Nine years have passed since Jackson’s new vision of the beast with a huge heart but Legendary Pictures is hoping that audiences will still flock to theaters to see what’s in store for them with the recently announced movie, Skull Island.  Months have passed since the announcement of the movie brought on thunderous applause at San Diego Comic-Con but it looks like things are beginning to move swiftly now.  Thanks to a press release from Legendary, audiences can now begin to get excited for the project with the announcement that Tom Hiddleston will be joining the movie, which will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer).

Details remain a bit scarce but we do know that the movie will be set before the events of King Kong; a prequel of sorts.  If you recall, in 2005’s King Kong, there were not only other beasts on his home turf but fossils of other giant apes which were likely Kong’s ancestors.  With the resurgence in popularity of big monster flicks, it is very likely that audiences will get to witness plenty of monster sized battles but just how Kong or his lineage may play a part is yet to be seen.


There is no doubt that King Kong has been the star of every movie that has featured the giant gorilla. Well, as long as Godzilla isn’t in the picture, at any rate.  While not exactly a villain (that title usual goes to the humans that are featured in the movies), it would be fair to call Kong the antagonist of most of his films, yet audiences still love to cheer for him.  Like Kong, the recent incarnation of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to steal the hearts of audiences even while trying to destroy the heroes around him, and there is no doubt that Hiddleston is responsible for this adoration.  Legendary has just made it tougher on audiences to pick a side in Skull Island by casting the man behind everyone’s favorite trickster and it will be fun to see just which character fans will cheer when the movie is released on November 4, 2016.  Are there any monsters you hope will turn up on Skull Island? Who will you be rooting for?


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