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Franchise rivalry is nothing new. DC Comics and Marvel have had a long-standing tiff, and even Star Wars and Star Trek have been known to lock horns in the hearts and minds of fans for decades now. But DC and Star Wars? They don’t have a beef with each other, right? Well maybe the franchises don’t, but directors J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder seem to have at least a friendly game of one-upmanship so far as Twitter pranks go. The latest of which is a little surprise that the Star Wars Episode VII crew have for the gang from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. A salute from one hunka junk to another.

The official Bad Robot Twitter feed sent this out earlier today. 

And this is the video.

Did ya see that?! It’s a little Batmobile on the underside of the Millennium Falcon. Cute Easter egg, but not the first time the two filmmakers have mixed it up on social media. Here’s something that Snyder posted to Twitter a few days ago…

…Which is stupid because we all know that a Stormtrooper would lay to waste those Gotham PD officers. He has a blaster, they don’t!

Considering the tremendous secrecy around these films, not to mention the tremendous pressure on the directors to make something that – at least – appeases several million fans, it’s nice to see Abrams and Snyder and their teams cut loose and have a bit of fun poking at each other. It’s hard to think of two more hotly anticipated projects right now (excluding Avengers: Age of Ultron of course), so perhaps we’re see these guys let off some steam in real-time. Of course not it begs a couple of key questions: 1) How will Snyder respond? and 2) What else is stuck to the underside of the Millennium Falcon?

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