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It wasn’t too long ago that DC and Warner Bros. announced the release dates for several upcoming projects. We know what some of these are, while others still remain a mystery. Now, it appears as if the Internet has provided us with the name of yet one more super-themed movie – Suicide Squad.

As the story goes, director David Ayer (Street Kings, End of Watch) is looking to jump onboard this project and lend his gritty style to what would be Warner Bros. first villain-centric big screen adaptation. The idea of giving the Suicide Squad their own movie is nothing new, though previous attempts have run into problems – mainly the fact that Warner Bros. is now trying to boot their super-hero universe and would prefer to invest in bigger names such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. But now that things are settling in and WB has a game plan, Suicide Squad has reemerged.

In case you haven’t already been giving the explanation via CW’s Arrow, The Suicide Squad (also known as Task Force X) is a team of super villains that have been captured and given a second chance by the US government. They are vicious, reckless and have little to lose, so they’re sent out on the most dangerous missions. Better yet, if they get caught then government can claim that the villains were acting on their own. After all, who in their right mind would employ a team of psychos that could turn on you at any moment?

original suicide squad

The original Suicide Squad team appeared as far back as 1959 (in The Brave and the Bold), though the team line-up has changed repeatedly over the years. The first Suicide Squad actually contained no proper super villains (or anyone with super powers) and they weren’t exactly the same thing we see today. When the modern concept finally arrived in 1987, the team consisted of personalities such as Captain Boomerang and Deadshot. Today, we see a five-person team made up of Black Manta, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn and Duela Dent.

Which incarnation Warner Bros. will decide to use in their big screen production remains to be seen, though I’m guessing that Harley is a safe bet (especially considering how much they enjoy teasing us about the potential of a Harley Quinn flick).

There’s no official word on whether or not Suicide Squad is really going into production, nor is there any “inside” information suggesting which open WB slot it could end up filling. Rest assured, if we hear more, we’ll let you know.


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